life lately…

I just thought i’d post about what’s been going on in my life other than monthly baby updates. while this baby is largely consuming my life, there are some rays of me-time that shine through every once in awhile. and i have to say ME-TIME is very important time for my sanity.  I actually feel less trapped and anxious and depressed once i started getting out of the house more. I also cherish those times a lot more…

comic con:  while the actual event wasn’t that great (san diego comic con it was not), just getting out of the house with nolan, alone…was really nice. it reminded me of what life was like only a few short months ago.


and hey…i got to sit on a fake iron throne and pretend i was a khalessi for about 20 seconds.

out with friends:  i have not seen my friends since they came to visit me in the hospital when rylen was born but it’s been nice to get out and socialize again.  lori works near my apartment and met me for lunch one day. it was so nice to see friends and talk and eat. AND i also made it to a girl’s dinner this month!



i don’t know how often i’ll be able to attend for awhile, but i will always try my best to get there!

family outings: nolan and i are trying to get out of the house more with the baby. we went to manoa marketplace to just walk around and get some fresh air. i’m trying to find places that is open, with distractions and spaced out enough that if there’s a crying meltdown, it won’t bee TOO disruptive.


i also popped in to starbucks to redeem my free drink, only to luckily go in on the day they introduced their new fall flavor, and super amazing cup!  TOASTED GRAHAM LATTE is now my #1 favorite drink. omg. i can’t believe it’s a limited time only flavor. this needs to be a regular.

the next week we went to kahala mall…


it was nice to go somewhere with AC and of course starbucks (and whole foods).  wow. he got big in just one week…

lunch dates: my friend lori works near my apartment and has met me for lunch a couple of times.  she’s a firm believer in getting me out of the house to avoid total cabin fever.  it’s nice to get out and have a quick bite and not have to worry about changing diapers or spit up…

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and of course, it’s nice to grab starbucks on your way home too…i have a problem.

and lastly, ollie decided that he loves the stroller…he sits in the bottom basket and looks out at the world like it’s his very own pope mobile:

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more fun things to come…

it’s been two months…

well looky here…we survived another month.

what can i tell you about this month?
first of all, i don’t intend for this to become a “mommy blog”. look at me, i can’t even come to grips with actually being a mommy…i have no intention on turning this into a mommy-blog. it’s just that while on maternity leave, there’s nothing else to talk about. my life is an endless cycle of feeding, pumping, washing bottles, and trying to fit stuff in (like sleeping, eating, and showering) whenever i can. super glamorous right?

i fear my last monthly update may have put some fear in some people. well let me just say that in month 2, there were no tears. there are, however, the occasional anxiety attack here and there…and no, most of them are not anxiety about the baby, but rather, “what the hell did i do to my life….FOR-EH-VERRRRRR?!?!? i knew i was right and you all were wrong!” type of anxiety attacks. yes, selfish erica strikes again.

i live in fear of what i like to call, “the morning blitz” which is when i try to sneak in a pumping session before rylen wakes up, only for him to wake up in the middle of it, nolan is sleeping, and i’m there trying to pick him up, change him, and calm him down (there’s no groggy period with this guy…he goes from sound asleep to screaming in .5 seconds) all with pump parts and bottles hanging from my boobs (thank you hands free bra)…not an easy task i tell you. also, while finally feeding him his bottle, ollie is awake and wants to eat breakfast too (gotta do the same things still) and then he also has to poop and pee…which leaves me trying to clean up his mess, leaving rylen crying because his bottle suddenly disappeared…and all that guy cares about is milk.  this happens maybe every other day. some days i’m lucky and i time my pumping perfectly.

it’s amazing how fast, yet how slow this maternity leave has been passing. two months have gone by both very quickly and very slowly….does that make any sense?  in one more month i’ll be going back to work and he’ll be going to a sitter…this in itself is also going to be another huge adjustment, right when i feel like i’ve gotten some mostly figured out.

let’s see…what else?

  • the snug-a-puppy swing, rock-n-play, and halo sleep sacks are still our lifesavers.
  • i’ve been pooped on and shot with pee more times than i would like (ZERO would be the optimal amount).
  • he loves these two guys that i’ve named kensi-the-dog and deeks-the-duck (any NCIS LA fans?)


  • ollie has taken over the boppy lounger and the activity mat…

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  • imagerylen hates tummy time
  • rylen loves to look at lights…
  • we haven’t gone out very much since the weather has been disgustingly hot and humid (or hot, humid, AND rainy), but we did manage to go to manoa market place to walk around (he slept right through his outing)….
  • ollie loves the stroller more than rylen…
  • i’m really needing some real caffeinated coffee….decaf just isn’t gonna cut it anymore.

so while things are no longer all doom and gloom and dramatically depressing like they seemed last month, i’m still not in a place where i’m wearing those shirts i see on IG saying “mom life is the best life” or planning for baby number 2. but things are getting better. it’s amazing what a baby’s smile can do…

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even if it usually only means he’s making a poo. ;)



last week Friday Nolan celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. I was a bad wife and didn’t have a chance to get Nolan anything. Terrible I know. But Nolan still managed to keep up tradition. Four years = flowers & fruit How appropriate he got a fruit “flower” bouquet! He also surprised me with a […]

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it’s been one month…


ONE MONTH… let me just say, having a baby is HARD. i’m not talking about the actual labor & delivery part (although that part IS hard too)…i’m talking about once you get home with this tiny little newborn and you’re on your own.  no one really tells you about this part. you talk about delivery, […]

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welcome to the world, rylen!


Rylen made his debut into the world late in the evening on August 1, 2015 and our lives have never been the same since. Early on July 31, i woke up at about 4am with what felt like my version of menstrual cramps (lower back pains).  my friend had told me contractions started off feeling […]

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food, food, and more food!


get ready for a blog filled with nothing but food pics! i am totally taking advantage of the last month of pregnancy to just eat out and enjoy food…because really, who knows when we’ll ever get to dine out again? i could not believe it: i saw a commercial for captain crunch cereal one day […]

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the third trimester


third trimester: also known as the “I’m so tired of being pregnant trimester” but yet, at the same time, the “I’m so terrified of what’s to come so just stay inside trimester” I’m writing this at 38 weeks. I know I’ve said I have been “uncomfortable” before, but really, I didn’t know uncomfortable until now. now […]

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product testing by ollie

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probably not the best of ideas, but you know me….crazy dog lady. product:  the solly wrap   verdict: i think he kinda liked it! product: snug-a-puppy swing (of course I had to buy the puppy version, and not the bunny one that everyone seems to have)   verdict: he does not like this one. at […]

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what we’ve been up to…


whoops, this was supposed to have posted on Friday…. things have been getting a little busy around here trying to get ready for the arrival of baby-no-name…so here’s a few snaps as to what we’ve been up to: Going to baby birthday parties and drinking slush floats… Nolan recieving his first “freebie” as a father […]

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a little prince baby shower


a few weeks ago my friends threw me the most fabulous “little prince” baby shower at Arancino Kahala (love that place!). There was the cutest decor ever…lots of crowns and dogs. :)           kris was there! kris moved to SF about a year ago, but coincidentally was in town for a wedding the […]

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