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FEBRUARY 1, 2016

we have two “SIX” events today. the first is that, TODAY IS OLLIE’S 6TH BIRTHDAY!!!! how is he already SIX YEARS OLD?!?!?! it’s been six happy years, but also it makes me a little sad because he’s getting pretty old in dog-years. but Ollie’s not a dog…he’s just a really small, furry human. right? right. I will recap his birthday festivities in his own dedicated post, because he deserves his own. birthdays are special.


“what did you get brother?”

that being said, I know that a lot of people celebrate their baby’s 1/2 year birthday…and while it’s cute to do so, and perhaps if it fell on any other month/day, I would consider it…but it falls on Ollie’s birthday. and that little guy deserves his own special day without having to share it with his “brother”.

so six months. let’s talk about it.


STATS: at his 6 month appointment:


he weighed in at 14.7 pounds & is 26 inches long. his head circumference did jump quite a bit, which has me a little concerned…googling said big-noggin-ness has not helped either. the internet does nothing for my over active paranoia and anxiety.

teething has begun…yikes. it drives him crazy. I’m terrified in anticipation for the days when his teeth actually start breaking through the gums. i don’t really have much to say on the matter…he has many different teething toys, he doesn’t seem to have a favorite. I’m wondering about the amber teething necklace…has anyone used it? should I get one?

“I’m gon’ let you finish, I’m gon’ let you finish, but I just threw the biggest tantrum of all time”…..is he being a kanye?…our sitter has mentioned that he has a temper and there were a few days where he threw some epic tantrums. luckily he’s been tantrum free as of late (maybe it was a wonder week?). she also noticed that he loves to be the center of attention and hates when no one pays attention to him. we need to nip that in the bud. there is no room for another diva in this household. we already have Ollie……and Nolan. ha.

smiley…my dad has nicknamed him “smiley” and while he smiles and laughs a lot, he can also flip it around and throw some major ear-piercing fits. I personally like to call him dr. jekyl and mr. hyde.

image   Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

brothers…he’s finally starting to notice Ollie in a big way. he smiles the biggest and laughs the most when he sees Ollie and always tries to pet him. Ollie on the other hand does not really return the love…as he is still wary of rylen’s jerky and unexpected movements. on rare occasions he’ll be brave and give him morning kisses but will quickly run away as arms and legs start flailing.

image  image

image  image

jumpin’…rylen has since moved on from the rock ‘n play to a jumper, where he can play in for up to about 10-20 minutes before he gets frustrated/tired.  He also doesn’t spend much time in his swing anymore (sniff sniff), as now he keeps trying to roll over while in the swing, and that’s not good for business. although sometimes he goes in there for variety and sometimes he still falls asleep in it. heaven.

mama business…

as for me, the pumping is still driving me crazy but not as much as it did the last month. I think because I told myself once we hit 6 months, I’m going to start weaning…the thought of that has gotten me through this month.  I do think I feel better mentally, now that the busy holiday season has slowed down and I don’t feel like I’m being pulled in 5 million different directions.

I’ve gotten a little lax on the dairy-restriction where I lifted the dairy ban so I could enjoy the holidays, I must get back on track at least for a few more months…and let me tell you, I have a proper I’m-no-longer-pumping celebration planned in my head, involving a lot of chocolate, cheese, raw fish, and booze. oh, and probably an instant 5 pound weight gain because said celebration.

all the hair I lost a few months back is now growing back, and I have a chia puff hairline…paying particular attention to the area at my temples that make it look like I have hair horns. it’s totally glamorous. I need to now expand my hat, headbands, and hair turban collections!




ah, the holidays…


It was the most stressful time of the year….
ok, maybe not the MOST, but certainly top 3- for a new mom struggling with time management issues. lol. trying to keep a baby on a schedule that you’re still trying to figure out, while keeping up with your own pumping schedule, all while trying to show up to events on time, is nearly impossible. I don’t remember the last time we were on time for anything…and i hate being late so the fact that we are now ALWAYS late gives me extra anxiety.

let’s start with some random photos that don’t really fit anywhere in this post so i will just clump them all here:

decor…you would think that now that we have a kid, i’d be THAT much more excited to decorate for the holidays, but in all honesty, it was the exact opposite. i had no time to go back and forth between our storage locker and apartment unpacking and setting up all the decorations. add to that, the fact that i threw out our fake tree the year before, i really thought we (and by “we” i totally mean just “me”) weren’t going to decorate.  but then guilt got the better of me. we went out and got another $20 fake tree from target (hated it!) i grabbed a few ornaments from target as well because i didn’t want to unpack all our old ones and i was going to call it a day.  but then i saw these custom ornaments from workshop28 and i just had to have them! i love custom ornaments!

custom ornaments

custom ornaments

daycare friends… now that rylen goes to a sitter, we now have to plan for gifts for all his daycare friends. i never know what to get when the ages of all the kids vary…so i went with a small book, because you can’t really go too wrong with a book, right?

for you, friends!

for you, friends!


happy ollie-days…ollie made it to the groomers in time for xmas themed pics, and for a nice holiday haircut.  it was really cute because his last few pictures, he looks a little scared. so before this appointment i told him to take nice pictures and to smile for the camera…which he did:

happy ollie-days!

happy ollie-days!

so now for holiday events…
OMG…our first holiday party didn’t go well at all (hence, zero pictures taken). Rylen screamed and cried the entire time.  he wouldn’t let anyone near him and shrieked anytime anyone got close. he did calm down to let the 2 kids that were there play with him. i was so grateful to them for being able to calm him down.  he must have felt like he was at the sitters when he saw other kids.  I’m thinking it was the new environment + many new faces = baby disaster.  needless to say, the experience gave us a lot of anxiety for the other holiday events to follow….

such as photos with santa:


considering his stranger-danger freak out just days before, i was very worried about him sitting on santa’s lap, but it went pretty well. no freak outs, just RBF (resting.bitch.face). while it went OK he did have a meltdown on the way home…but i still consider the whole ordeal a success. and they allowed pets, so of course ollie had to come too! (it was honestly the real reason we went, for the opportunity to have both of them sit on santa’s lap together.)

next up was christmas eve…which luckily, was at my mom’s house:

we had dinner, made gingerbread houses, and opened gifts.


no freak outs, thank goodness!  chase really loved spending time with rylen, and it was so great to see them interact. hashtag-cousinlove.

Christmas morning also went pretty well….ollie was eager to open his presents (and everyone else’s as well) and rylen, pretty much had no clue what was going on.

img_2707  img_2719  img_2715

we opened gifts, had some breakfast and i tried to clean up as much as possible before nolan’s parents came over to watch the 2 “kids” so we could go to the christmas day UH basketball game…which has become a tradition of sorts.


later that night we all went to nolan’s parents for christmas dinner with his parents and popo.  rylen was full of smiles and pretty much made popo’s night with his smiles for her. i was so grateful again because prior to the dinner, he had another meltdown…causing us to be half an hour late, and me showing up in my pajamas. seriously, in. my. pajamas. i seriously hit a new low that night.

i’ll also take this moment to randomly put in this picture of rylen with his gift from his sitter, a simba stuffed animal, which he absolutely LOVES:


the day after christmas we headed to the mall bright an early to do some returns and exchanges…and bumped into kylie and elliott. it was rylen and kylie’s first meeting.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

by the end of the weekend, we had a big fussy grump on our hands. late nights & bad naps are just asking for a very fussy baby. and honestly, i was completely and utterly exhausted….not to mention anxious for the new year weekend which was only a few days away…

but not before another family dinner, this time with our cousins. we went to roy’s waikiki and rylen did really really well. we were all shocked as this was his first bigger event post-holiday party meltdown.



so new years eve…ollie’s scariest day of the year. the illegal aerials were going off like crazy. usually we could sit in the bathroom with the radio on and barely hear a thing. not this year. this year it was loud, and ollie was rightfully freaked out. the bomb-like booms went off every 20 minutes until 2am.  i stayed with him, following him from hiding place to hiding place trying to comfort him….


“i’m scared!”

i finally fell asleep on the cold, hard bathroom floor at about 2am, with ollie sleeping on a pile of towels. in the corner of the bathroom.


i woke up at 4 am and ollie wasn’t there. i looked all over the bathroom and couldn’t find him….that little bugger was curled up in bed next to nolan. thanks ollie. and in case any of you were wondering, rylen slept through it all. thank the lord. i don’t know what i would’ve done if both of them were freaking out.

I can’t even remember if we did anything on new year’s day, it’s been 2 weeks and my memory is not what it used to be. but for dinner we went out with my family to a chinese restaurant. after last year’s horrible service at maguro-ya, my mom just didn’t want to deal with it anymore and we went fast and simple.

img_2891   img_2894

after dinner we went back to my mom’s house for some dessert before we called it a night.  we have since recovered from the holiday blitz…i hope next year will be more exciting and less anxiety-filled.  I’m also pretty proud of myself that i’m getting this post up before valentine’s day. ha!



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