9 months

9 months…

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This marks the same amount of time (give or take 2 days) that rylen has been living out in this world that he was living inside of me. and not to get all sappy and whatnot, but wow…it’s crazy to think about really.

what’s up doc:


weight: 18 pounds 15 ounces
height: 28.5 inches
head circumference: HUGE.

we also received our allergy test results and it shows he has mild sensitivities/reactions to: beef, egg whites, milk, and peanuts. omg, great. I really hope it’s mild or not at all. we test again at one year.

this month was pretty eventful with both good things and bad. let’s talk about the bad first…

the triple whammy….



the last few weeks of the month was a doozey. rylen was in the middle of the “stormy period” of his wonder week leap, he had his first really bad cold, and he was teething. put it all together and what do you have? a very, VERY fussy baby.  generally, the stormy period of his leaps haven’t been too bad, but maybe it was because it was in addition to other factors, but it was spot on, a very stormy period…and the cold…oh my. he had been mildly sick once before, but this was the first time the congestion was really bad…he would wake up screaming, coughing and hyperventilating and it sounded as if he was choking on his own phlegm. it was pretty scary for us first time parents. Rylen also seems to not know how to cough up the phlegm so he ends up vomiting it up. (tmi? sorry.) it’s pretty amazing how much mucus a little baby can upchuck. it makes you wonder that if an adult were to vomit up their mucus when sick, just how much would that be?!?! maybe I should try it…i’ll get back to you ;p  special shout outs to my favorite products: boogie wipes, nose frida, and the crane humidifier.

once rylen was out of the “stormy period” it was like a different baby emerged from a cocoon. he was pleasant, and happy and just overall a better baby. he was happier, eating better and napping better (hallelujah!).

so let’s talk about some fun milestones…

rylen on the move…

he’s been crawling all over the place, pulling himself up and even cruising with assistance from the couch. I feel like now that he is more mobile, and has more freedom and abilities, he’s more content and less…..bored/frustrated/upset. that being said, it’s been tough trying to contain him and keeping him safe. child proofing has been slow in our apartment…but some adjustments have been: more foam tile mats, a sad good bye to our coffee table, and a lot of chasing after him because if it’s something he shouldn’t touch, it’s the first thing he’ll go for…I don’t know how people raise kids in small apartments. I feel like he’s being stifled, and in turn, so are we. we need more space. MORE SPACE! (runs off to check real estate listings…again…for the umpteenth time)

rylen + food…


eating has been a little better. he’s been doing much better accepting food, his favorite is definitely blueberries. if there’s blueberries in it, he’ll eat it! he’s still not a fan of meat or peas. oh how he HATES peas.

simon says…jokingly I told rylen to “go get simba” because I wanted him to stop trying to get me to pick him up…and he actually did it! I asked him to do it several other times to make sure it wasn’t a fluke and he did it each time! I was shocked! he also knows how to “give kiss” which I’m not entirely sure where he learned how to do that either but it’s super cute!

as far as mommy is concerned…

milk drought…I really don’t think I’ll make it to a year…my milk supply is drying up, and drying up fast. I ordered some lactation cookies hoping for a miracle, but so far (3 days in) I haven’t seen a significant increase. I have since started supplementing with a little bit of formula to try to help me stretch out my frozen stash for awhile…I never intended to breastfeed/pump to 12 months but somewhere around the 8 month mark I got it in my head that I would try…and just like that, it started drying up. funny how life is.

time for myself…I really would like some. does that make me a bad mom that I really would like some time away from baby?


three days of snaps

APRIL 23, 2016

I’m quite liking this snapchat vlogs…this particular day was one I was dreading for about a week or so…we had to take Rylen to get a blood test. Normally the test (usually done for 9mo. Appointment) is just a simple finger prick, but since we also added on a test for allergies, he would have to have blood drawn…and I was dreading it.

Of course like any nervous first time moms, I consulted dr. Google and found myself watching some YouTube videos that made me feel so bad for Rylen.

As soon as he saw the girl put on the gloves he started crying. He cried and cried…poor little guy. The nurse did say that he did really well considering. She said even though he cried, he stayed really still.

As soon as it was over, he was happy as a clam again. I was so relieved.


APRIL 28, 2016

Just a random Thursday…looking back at it now, this was probably the last day before his teething fussiness began….

APRIL 30-MAY 1, 2016

Saturday was a pretty rough day when rylen was concerned. he was just an unhappy baby…I blame the teething. he would have moments of happiness and then the switch flipped and he’d be screaming and crying. it was not a fun day.  Luckily, on sunday he was a happy little camper! this was great because we had planned to take him swimming for the first time, and he loved it!

I hope these snap-vlogs are interesting content…9month update coming soon!


snaps 2

I tried to film another snap-story, this time on a weekend where there were more “fun” stuff going on…but with fun stuff actually going on, leave it to me to forget to snap a lot of it…oh well, i’ll still post what I have.  We took Ollie to see the pinwheels, went to lunch with […]

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8 months

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how has it been EIGHT months already?! I read somewhere that this time is the longest, fastest time. ain’t that the truth. This month has been pretty eventful as far as rylen is concerned. teeth have sprouted. he’s crawling ALL OVER CREATION. he can get into a sitting position all on his own he can pull himself up […]

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if you know me, you know I love watching daily/weekly vlogs on youtube. so I thought it would be fun and different (because really, this blog desperately needs some variety) to make a snapchat version.  a snapchat version, because I don’t have time or the talent to whip up an actual vlog. so here it is… my […]

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lately…..I’ve eating a lot of fun food…


let’s do a little iphone photo dump/life-catch up shall we? I feel like I need to post something that’s mostly non-baby related.  something a couple of old highschool friends and i started doing within the past few months have been lunches. it’s been really great. like no time has past since those days when we all sat around talking boys […]

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seven month update…better late than never right? i’m going to call this “the month of solids”. at rylen’s 6 month checkup, he was given the green light to start solids. we waited to six months because he had a lot of allergy issues with all the eczema and whatnot that we all just wanted to […]

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Ollie’s 6th Birthday


Ollie turned 6 this month. SIX. that means he’s 42 in dog years. FORTY-TWO. I don’t even like to think about it. I’m in a state of denial. he’ll always be my little baby. I knew that this year would be tough to do typical birthday activities now that rylen is around. and since rylen […]

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{ six : six }


FEBRUARY 1, 2016 we have two “SIX” events today. the first is that, TODAY IS OLLIE’S 6TH BIRTHDAY!!!! how is he already SIX YEARS OLD?!?!?! it’s been six happy years, but also it makes me a little sad because he’s getting pretty old in dog-years. but Ollie’s not a dog…he’s just a really small, furry […]

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    ah, the holidays… It was the most stressful time of the year…. ok, maybe not the MOST, but certainly top 3- for a new mom struggling with time management issues. lol. trying to keep a baby on a schedule that you’re still trying to figure out, while keeping up with your own pumping schedule, all while […]

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