your three months are up…

and just like that, it’s been three months and my maternity leave is over.


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yes, people are right. it does get better….or at least, you get the hang of things. i’m still so unsure about a lot of things, it’s frustrating when you don’t know what’s wrong or how to fix the problem. we’ve had great days and we’ve had some really tough ones….but i’m no longer feeling border line depressed or super anxious.

what can i tell you about this month?

rylen has eczema. eczema is not fun. it makes me sad to see him covered in rash.  we’ve been trying new soap and moisturizer (cetaphil, per pediatrician recommendation) and we have now been prescribed a cream as well.  i was also put on a no-dairy restriction for a week or so to see if it helped at all. i think it did, so i’m trying to limit myself as much as possible. this is a difficult feat for me since prior to the dairy ban, dairy and eggs pretty much made up 85% of my diet.  i’m going to really struggle when the holidays come around.

getting out more:


meeting mommy’s co-workers

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visiting daddy’s friends

been working on getting out more. the weather has been a little cooler so we’ve gone on a few walks, which he seems to like.

smiles a lot: 


rylen has started to smile a lot…usually in the day.   the evenings are his grouchy times. it’s seriously like dr. jekyl and mr. hyde. you see him in the day and think he’s the smiliest baby you ever met. but if you meet him at night, you’d think he was the crabbiest, fussiest kid ever.

coffee:  i started drinking coffee again. i started with half a cup and he seemed to do well…no reaction. so the caffeine deprived girl that i am, upped it to 3/4 cup and i think that was a bad call because the past 2 days he pretty much won’t nap.


i am the ghost of caffeine present!

i’m actually typing this on a rare occasion that he’s finally sleeping. i guess it’s back to 1/2 a cup of regular coffee or half-caf drinks at starbucks (with coconut milk).

welcome home cece!

Cece and her family came back home to Hawaii the other week for a family wedding. It was the first time she’s been back to hawaii since my wedding, FOUR YEARS ago!  It was so nice to have her back and for her to be able to attend harper’s birthday party so that everyone could meet her super cute daughters.


Although she was busy with many family events for the wedding, we were able to squeeze in a day to just hang out, even ollie. {a cute little story: when cece stayed with us for my wedding, ollie would wake up early and go in her room and sleep with her then he’d sneak back to our room before we woke up.  i had no idea until cece told me ollie would come in and curl up next to her every morning. after she left he’d go to the room and look for her. so cute, yet so sad.}


we met up at ward warehouse, since ward is dog-friendly AND there was a waiola shave ice there. cece and family had gone twice to the 2 other locations, but keira had slept through both visits. i haven’t had a really good shave ice in a while, i forgot how soft it was. SO GOOD.

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i loved that the girls got to meet rylen and ollie.  it was so great seeing them all together, not to mention cece and her husband too!  we also stopped to eat at hula dogs…which was featured on the food network many years ago and cece’s husband had sent us looking for it on one of her trips home so we stopped by so he could finally try one himself…it wasn’t bad!

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i really wish we could all live in the same state…or at least not have an ocean between the 2 states.  i think it’ll probably be awhile before we can fly up to california…i need to get over my intense fear of flying with a child first. five hours truly is a LONG time in terms of keeping a kid happy and quiet. it doesn’t help that rylen could probably win the award for loudest-crying baby. sigh. move home cece!!!

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happy birthday harper


whoops…this was supposed to post the other week…. last week, rylen attended his very first birthday party. needless to say i was very nervous about the whole thing. no one wants to be the one with the unruly baby at the party, and it’s such a crap shoot with him.  I was especially scared the […]

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life lately…


I just thought i’d post about what’s been going on in my life other than monthly baby updates. while this baby is largely consuming my life, there are some rays of me-time that shine through every once in awhile. and i have to say ME-TIME is very important time for my sanity.  I actually feel […]

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it’s been two months…

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well looky here…we survived another month. what can i tell you about this month? first of all, i don’t intend for this to become a “mommy blog”. look at me, i can’t even come to grips with actually being a mommy…i have no intention on turning this into a mommy-blog. it’s just that while on […]

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last week Friday Nolan celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. I was a bad wife and didn’t have a chance to get Nolan anything. Terrible I know. But Nolan still managed to keep up tradition. Four years = flowers & fruit How appropriate he got a fruit “flower” bouquet! He also surprised me with a […]

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it’s been one month…


ONE MONTH… let me just say, having a baby is HARD. i’m not talking about the actual labor & delivery part (although that part IS hard too)…i’m talking about once you get home with this tiny little newborn and you’re on your own.  no one really tells you about this part. you talk about delivery, […]

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welcome to the world, rylen!


Rylen made his debut into the world late in the evening on August 1, 2015 and our lives have never been the same since. Early on July 31, i woke up at about 4am with what felt like my version of menstrual cramps (lower back pains).  my friend had told me contractions started off feeling […]

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food, food, and more food!


get ready for a blog filled with nothing but food pics! i am totally taking advantage of the last month of pregnancy to just eat out and enjoy food…because really, who knows when we’ll ever get to dine out again? i could not believe it: i saw a commercial for captain crunch cereal one day […]

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the third trimester


third trimester: also known as the “I’m so tired of being pregnant trimester” but yet, at the same time, the “I’m so terrified of what’s to come so just stay inside trimester” I’m writing this at 38 weeks. I know I’ve said I have been “uncomfortable” before, but really, I didn’t know uncomfortable until now. now […]

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