shake it, shake it

…shake it like a polaroid pick-cha! {how’s that for a song flashback?}  i loved that song when it came out!  i think the polaroid theme is perfect for this post. very quick and easy! =)

Just wanted to share some random photos that have nothing to do with one another, just some pics i felt like sharing with some random tid-bits…

{nolan riding a random bike in walmart while we wait for my new bike to be adjusted}


{omg. super yummy. super fatty.}



{cutie pies}


{eh. should’ve saved my money. hopefully i’ll save you some. at least look at it in person before you buy.}


{wearing great christmas gifts helps ease the pain of going back to work}


  1. some sort of amnesia says:

    yayyy, congrats the bike! how exciting! keep us posted…btw, will you be going out this nye, i feel like it’s the only time i see you…

  2. kris! what happened to your blog? i miss it!
    i’m not going out. i feel too old to go out…i can’t keep up anymore!
    what are your plans?

    • some sort of amnesia says:

      you are not too old to go out! someone’s gotta show the kiddies how to party! we’re going down to aloha tower, come down.

      i wanna go bike riding, let me know after nolan successfully teaches you!

  3. I was kinda disappointed with the HK collection too. (I got the brush set and liner) Oh wellz. =\ Haha…I’m trying to figure out what’s going on in that pic with the cute kiddies. 😉

    • didn’t you think the brush holder was a cup-type thing? i saw a youtube video and the brushes go inside?!!? and i felt like the “metal” seems like heavy shiny plastic. eh. the hype always gets me.

      oh, the picture…hahaha, brody fell down and was rolling around and laughing.

      • Haha…cute *^_^*

        Yep, the *tiny* brushes go inside and the plastic cup inside is removable. This, I liked however the “metal” was exactly what you said it was. I’m still keeping it b/c it looks cute on my dresser but I’m not sure it warrants that price tag. :\

  4. have you been riding your bike??

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