i said yes to the dress!

that’s right folks. i found my wedding dress! don’t worry, i didn’t just pick the first one i liked. friday was actually my second time dress shopping.  i had gone earlier w/a friend and found 2 that both of us loved and couldn’t decide between.  but something left me feeling like those weren’t “the one”….then i was watching “say yes to the dress” and watched the brides have their “this is the one!” moment, and i knew i hadn’t found it yet.  so on friday, with my mom in tow, we hit the stores again.

first stop: party dress by claudette.
a friend of mine had gotten her wedding gown here, and her sisters have gotten all their prom dresses here, so i decided to try it. it was right by my work, so my mom and i walked there. it’s supposed to open at 9:30am (we arrived at about 9:40am), i didn’t have an appointment, but i thought i would chance it–i mean, who would be bridal dress shopping at 9:30am on a weekday?!? (besides me-who was actually cutting out of work with the boss my mom) NO ONE. not even the store staff, apparently.  the door was locked, there was no one there  except some guy washing the exterior windows. my mom talked to him and his response was “sometimes they come early, sometimes they come late”…so we waited until about 10am then decided to drive to the bank and come back. we get to the bank, i call the shop to see if they had opened yet. nope. no answer. so i wait. when we were about to leave the bank, i call again.  they answer. i explained that i was interested in looking at some bridal dresses, and asked if i needed to have an appointment. she said “it would be better”. i took a chance and asked if i could just come down now–since there obviously wasn’t anyone else waiting outside the store besides myself…this is what she said, “NOW??!? oh no! no! we are VERY busy now!” iwasthisclose to saying “oh really? because i was just waiting outside your store and you weren’t even there…” but i didn’t.  as soon as she said that i was completely turned off, and i took it as a sign that i didn’t want to deal with a place like that. NO DEALS.

second stop: creations by toy:
i love this place. not because it’s fancy or anything, but because it’s a small shop run by a little lady that is just so nice and helpful and she has a pretty good selection!  this was my second time here…i went here searching for a specific dress i had seen on weddingbee.  i LOVE that dress, but thought it was more a dress and not a gown. and that it was very sweet and girly… i know if i had gone with this dress i would ultimately end up regretting not getting a more formal, womanly gown. i will always think about this dress. i tried on a bunch of others thinking that maybe i was using too narrow parameters when i went the last time. i tried a bunch of different styles, and fabrics that i didn’t think i would like, and i was right. hahaha. but it was good to know.  we left, still loving that dress, wishing i could have this one as a reception dress. {at least i was. my mom thinks a separate reception dress is a waste. in her words, “you pay that kind of money for a dress, you wear it ALL DAY!!!” }

where the road ends: Casablanca:
again, second time here…such a great shop, and fantastic service.  i tried on my 2 favorites from my previous visit, but explained to the girls that i feel like i should “know” and if i was torn, maybe they both weren’t “the one”.  i also said that maybe i should try different fabrics/shapes/styles just to see.  i tried on a whole slew of new dresses that i didn’t see the first day.  it was always, i like this part of the dress, but not that part. —when would i like the entire thing?!?!  and then i found one that i–dare i say, loved. i tried my top 4 all over again, and realized, that it was in fact, “THE ONE!”  =)  even my mom, who was IN LOVE with one of the original two dresses, changed her mind.

thought i’d leave you with a few pictures…

drumroll please…


  1. did Casablanca move locations again? That doesnt look like the same shop we went to for my sisters dress or my other friends.
    I see lace! I cant wait to see more!
    How exciting!

  2. Congrats on finding your perfect dress! I spy some gorgeous lace. 😀 And wow, that was quick. Compared to you, I took forever…lol. But when you know, you know!!! Love the teaser pics. We are eventually going to see the whole dress I hope? 😉

  3. Ok, I can see that there is some really pretty detail on the dress you chose. So I’d most likely approve!

    I bought my dress a few weeks ago. Strange to think that something I’ve always looked forward to has come and gone… Still, I am extremely excited to actually walk down the aisle with it toward the man of my dreams!

    • ooh! we’re planning weddings together! congrats on finding your dress! yes, lace! i looove lace. i tried other fabrics but i kept going back to lace.
      congrats on your engagment!:)

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