MLK day, and i almost missed work!

I totally thought i had MLK day off! i had planned my entire monday and even put off doing errands and workouts over the weekend, so i would do it today. then at about 5:30pm yesterday i found out that i DIDN’T have the day off!!! what a bummer! and now my schedule is all off because of all the things i put off to do today, when i thought i didn’t have to work!

anyway, let’s recap my i-thought-i-had-a 3day-weekend-but-was-mistaken weekend:

woke up and decided to go with nolan to his hair appointment because it’s located in the same building as this pho place that my friend had recently told me was her favorite. so we left early, to have a pho brunch!:)

beef pho, bbq chicken spring rolls, & iced coffee

i thought it was just ok. nothing to rave about. i have yet to find the ultimate pho place….but i’m more concerned about the ultimate ramen place. ;p  then while nolan went to get his hair did, i took a stroll around the block, then sat and read my real simple magazine. i have a pile of magazines i have yet to read…i used to read them at the gym, but now that my apartment gym has personal tvs on each machine…i’d much rather watch tv! {on a side note: watching keeping up with the kardashians while trying to run on a treadmill isn’t the best idea. i’m trying to run, while totally cracking up–looking like a crazy woman laughing out loud in the middle of the gym}  Later that night while taking ollie to visit his grandparents, we watched the movie, HACHI.  OMG. seriously the most heartwarming yet heart wrenching movie, ever!


if you’re an animal lover, i highly recommend it! BUT…if you’re highly emotional…maybe not.  have any of you seen this movie? it’s incredibly touching, and based on a true story. 

my first yoga class of 2011!….well…1/2 a yoga class. i guess during our holiday absence, the class time switched from 8:30am to 8:00 am!  when i got there, the class was filled and in full swing. my friend and i snuck into the back to finish out the remainder of the class, then hopped on the elliptical for a quick 20 min cardio workout.  after the gym, i went home to get ready for lunch & coffee w/these girls:

circa 2009

after lunch, i went to take ollie running around nolan’s parent’s house. he loves it there. next door there’s a chihuahua that ollie always looks for. he gets so excited, but i’m not too sure that chihuahua likes him.  poor ollie. either way, he has a ball running back and forth along the wall (they can’t even see each other)  barking and wagging his tail…

i love the outdoors!

he was outside for about 3 hours and still refused to go back in the house. you’d think he wanted to live outdoors!  Later we took my grandma out for some chinese food, and i called it a night. 

hope you’re having a great work day, if you’re working!  if you’re off….i’m jealous ;p


  1. Im going to have to watch that movie! I’ll be prepared with kleenx!

  2. Aw, sorry to hear you had to work. Not counting the okay Pho, at least you had a nice weekend. :) I want to watch Hachi but I can be a crybaby so maybe not. 😛

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