checkity check check check!

what’s that you ask? well, that’s me checking things off my to-do list!  so much can get done in a day if you don’t have to go to work! muahahahaha.  ah, the slight benefits for working for your mom.


1. take ollie to the groomers

ollie went to fur love, got a puppy cut, played with other dogs, & got a new bottle of shampoo.
(there was this brown poodle-something mix that was super cute, but also kinda looked like will ferrell..weird)



2. pick out and purchase my veil and in the process figure out a hairstyle.

we went back to the shop where i ordered my dress, and tried the sample dress on with various veils. long veils, short veils, plain veils, embellished veils, puffy veils….with hair up, with hair down…
and we found a great veil, and i think i’m most likely gonna put my hair up.

and yes, i’m not going to share what i really picked…don’t you want to be surprised?!?! this was a short, puffy veil with some random floral hairpiece thrown in just to let me see my options. they even put your hair up for you too!

veil & hairstyle…CHECK! CHECK!


3. look for ring bearer pillows & flower girl baskets
this we did, but came out empty-handed. everything looks…..the same. do people really look at those things? is it worth looking for unique ones or should i just to get the standard?

came out empty-handed, but at least i know where NOT to look, so… CHECK!


4. look for mother-of-the-bride dress for my mama
we went to anne namba to look at dresses…my mom had her dress made here for my sister’s wedding and absolutely LOVED it. so of course we had to come back to look what else they had.  They make dresses out of old kimono and obi fabrics, so it’s all about finding your kimono or obi in the color and design you like. we were there for a while, and we were even helped by anne namba herself, which i thought was very cool and very helpful.  you know what else was helpful? carrying a swatch of the bridesmaid dress and her seeing a picture of my gown…helped ms. namba get a feel for the environment this dress would be in. we found a fabric perfect for the enviornment…but then we found one that was perfect for my mom:)

one mother-of-the-bride dress….CHECK!


5. look for wedding shoes & bridesmaid shoes
another bust. no shoes were found. but again, extremely helpful to carry around a dress fabric swatch! really helps with finding the perfect match! (or in my case…helps to show that what you think is a great match, really isn’t.)

6. look for engagement photo outfits
this…was…sort of successful?  i tried on a bunch of dresses…

for one of my outfits i hope to have a cute party dress…something just didn’t feel right with this one.
but i did find one elsewhere that may work…

found a potential keeper….CHECK!


7. get my toosh to the gym
i finally got my butt back to the gym…and it wasn’t as bad as i was expecting! and now my reward? a few bites of menchis, a shower, and a new episode of my new favorite k-drama!!!



And lastly, on a very different note, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! or if we’re being more “pc”, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! i can hear the lion dances and firecrackers from my apartment, and while i’m so happy i’m not out in that crowd, i’m really craving some jai.  hopefully i can get some tomorrow! I wish you all a healthy and prosperous new year!


  1. Oh what a free whole day can do! 😀 Great to see your planning coming along nicely. Ollie looks so handsome!

  2. i know!!! it’s so nice to be able to be productive on a weekday. weekends just seem to get way too crazy for errands!

  3. Woo hoo to productive days!
    I love the engagement dress picture! Thats a super cute dress!
    My opinion on the ring bearer pillow would be do something simple, cause you dont really see it much or pay much attention to it. You could get a small pillow you could reuse for Ollie down the line.

  4. some sort of amnesia says:

    you already look soooo pretty! i can’t even imagine how much more perfect it’ll be with all the REAL winners!

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