would you like to hear what my cheesy self is calling this weekend?


wait for it……





Love Month, Super Weekend #1!

ok, not the most creative, but i was going more for cheesy than creative. Super Weekend #1 because it’s Valentine’s Day Weekend. (#2 will be our anniversary weekend)

So far it hasn’t been romantic…actually it’s been downright gross and stinky!
Saturday morning i decided to make a nice breakfast for LMSW#1 (and i did all the dishes too!) I made banana pancakes and scrambled eggs. When Nolan finally woke up from his hungover-stupor, he ate and we headed out to City Mill to buy a bucket and a new paper towel holder (random, right?).

We needed the bucket because it was time to clean the fish bowl that’s out on our balcony.  let me tell you it was NASTY. Filled with gross gunk and a dead feeder fish…great. I don’t know how people in apartments clean out fish tanks. it was absolutely DISGUSTING scooping out the nasty water and dumping it down our shower (which i had to clean immediately after since all that fish bowl nastiness was now in our shower) There has to be an easier way. if not, feng shui or no feng shui. the fish have got to go!

after all that fish gunk, i needed something pretty in my life…


essie: bachlorette bash


After that i spent the rest of the day cleaning, blog reading, you tube watching, and finally…I WENT TO THE GYM! i started week 5 of couch to 5k, and it wasn’t that bad! granted i did it at a very slow pace but i got through it and now my body aches. my body feels like it got hit by a bus. i’m not sure if that’s a result of my time at the gym or scrubbing the shower with my body twisted in all sorts of ways due to the fact that the toilet placement makes it hard to scrub one end of the shower….any way…i need a massage.

I fell asleep at 10pm and got about 10 hours of glorious sleep:)  I woke up to make another LMSW breakfast only to realize there was nothing fun to make…but nolan said he wanted pancakes again, so pancakes it was! i added nutella to the mix this time. i would add nutella to everything if i could!  now i have a big, huge, pile of dishes to wash.


how can 2 people make so much dishes?!?

much better


and then it was time for lunch…(a vegan one)


brown rice, peppers, mushrooms, & "gimme lean" sausage substitute


now that i’m looking back at the weekend there’s nothing super romantic about it. hahahahaha. i’m actually getting jealous of all the valentines’ day celebrations i’m seeing all over blogs, fb, and twitter. sometimes it sucks to have a bf that works non stop especially through holidays. oh well. making the most of it.  :)



  1. love that essie color! i’m still in my grays and taupes.

    no vday plans this year?

  2. ooohhh nice nail color! I had on my gold holiday glitter and just changed it up to red for Vday!

    btw i love your plates and bowls!

  3. Love that hot pink polish *and* the name! So appropriate. 😀 I know, I don’t get how we manage to use so many dishes/pots/pans either sometimes. Imagine when you have kids…lol. Your vegan lunch looks really tasty!

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