a case of the tuesdays…

Somehow starting the work-week on a Tuesday, doesn’t make it any easier.
But there are things that can make it a lot brighter like:

Sparkly Nails!

weird…my hands and feet are completely different colors. strange.
i normally wouldn’t take pictures of me feet, but i thought the OPI show it & glow it polish was just TOO CUTE and fun not to share. and i don’t know why i thought my nail color would compliment my toe color, but it doesn’t. oh well. but how fun is that, right?!?! i should’ve put those sparklers on my fingers too!  it was so nice to finally get a mani/pedi again after about 6 months!

i was literally doing my happy dance in the dairy aisle of Whole Foods last night because I FOUND IT!!!

I usually shop at Safeway, which is literally 2 min. away from my apartment.  They finally started carrying Chobani, but not the Pineapple flavor (why, safeway? why?!?!) So i have to trek it to Whole Foods to hunt down the pineapple flavor, and the past few times i’ve gone, they’ve been all out.  (see safeway? sold out. as in, best.flavor.everrrrrrr.) So last night i dragged Nolan to Whole foods {he hates going to whole foods. he doesn’t understand why we have to drive all the way there when safeway is 2min. away} I speed walk my way to the yogurt section, and what do i see? NO PINEAPPLE CHOBANI!!!  “NOOOOOOOOOOO! NOT AGAIN!” then i see a girl start re-stocking the blueberry chobani and i ask her if they don’t carry the pineapple flavor anymore. Her eyes went big and smiled and says “no, we do!” and turns to her cart to find the box of pineapple chobani ready to be restocked. she opened the box and asked how many i wanted…i restrained the urge to say i’d take the entire box, so i just told her 5. She was pretty amused as to how exicted i was over a yogurt. but she did comment “this one really is good” haahaha. 

wow. who knew i could write so much about a yogurt?!?! lol.

and lastly, this is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS but super cute and funny.
i told nolan (jokingly, of course) that ollie needs a “DMW”  (doggie.motor.works)


isn’t it hilarious?!?


  1. Holy nice ring!!!:)
    Love the glittery toe nail polish! I love glittery polishes now, they are just such a biatch to take off!

  2. Haha…I❤ that DMW! 😛 Ooh, I must try OPI show it & glow it. It's so sparkly. @_@ I like the fun colors you chose. Gorgeous ring too 😀 I saw a commercial for Chobani today and thought "Wonder if it's any good?" Thanks for the 411! 😉 Hope I can find the pineapple flavor.

    • i just saw a chobani commercial too! the other flavors are just ok. the pineapple is so yummy! but i’m not sure if it’s also because the others are fat free and the pineapple is 2% lol.

      i hear they’ve come out w/a lemon flavor too that i’m dying to try!

  3. i want the color on your nails!!! find out what color and brand!!!
    and why hello there, ring.

  4. i just saw that pineapple chobani at target (in kona) today. maybe target in oahu has it too!

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