yesterday i ate A LOT of crap.
but it all tasted fantastic.
hence, the post title….craptastic.
{so lame. i know}

butter cake, chocolate peanut butter brownie, cheetos,  chicken in a biscuit crackers….(don’t tell nolan!)
it was all so good when i ate them, but after….i felt…like….crap.

not only did i gorge on all things fatty and sodium packed, i also talked myself OUT of going to the gym, promising that i’d go on saturday. and,i did promise that i’d go on a fruit and vegetable binge for the next 2 weeks (in 2 weeks we have our engagement shoot with our wedding photographer).  But last night when nolan mentioned he’d have to go to Liliha Bakery to pick up some cocoa puffs to bring to a get-together he’s going to after work, i jumped at the chance to have breakfast there. it’s not something we normally do, so i was glad when he agreed. {that fruit/veggie plan will have to start at lunch}..because for breakfast, i had:


Sweet Bread French Toast! Honestly, it wasn’t as good as i remembered it being. i’m not sure if the quality of the cooking has gone down, skimping on the good stuff in the batter, or just a plain old  case of the: things-don’t-taste-as-good-as-they-do-when-it’s-3am-and-youre-drunk. lol. (i think it may be the latter.)  i was slightly dissapointed…at least i scored a cocoa puff for later…what? you didn’t know cocoa puffs were considered vegetables? ;p

needless to say i was up and fed by 8:30am, time to be productive right? Wrong.
i spent the rest of the morning watching the last 2 episodes of My Princess (i can have my life back now, thank you.) and watching the HILLYWOOD Show parodies on You Tube. SOOOOO HILARIOUS.  Their most recent parody is about the Vampire Diaries so of course i watched it. TVD is my ultimate guilty pleasure. LOVE THAT SHOW! anyway, i know most readers are not TVD fans (oh, but you should be!) so here’s their Eclipse parody:

so when my computer battery died, i was left with nothing to do but go to the gym. {hello treadmill, it’s been a week…nice to see you again} once that was over…i made a fruit smoothie for lunch!  i used the yoplait smoothie mix (probably not the ideal mix, but it’s all i had), a banana, milk, and whatever protien powder that we have left.

i should’ve started my fruits and veggies kick tomorrow. i can already tell you i’m having arena food for dinner at the UH bball game….see how NOT good i am at this? lol.

i’m off for more guilty pleasure tv watching:)
i’m calling it a lazy day =)


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