i’m not 30, i’m forever 21…

i think i’m entitled to have a little rant on my blog every once in a while.
i’m going to make one of those times today.

i LOVE forever 21.
there, i admit it.  it’s not something to be ashamed of.  i’m a 30-year-old girl woman that loves forever 21.  i think it’s a great place to find things on a budget, and some of my favorite pieces are from forever 21—i wear it all the time. it’s great for cheap accessories, and to try some of the latest super-trendy items without having to fork over your entire paycheck:)

with that being said,

today i received an online order i placed the other week….mainly basic tanks.  i have it sent to my work, just because someone is always here to receive it. normally i just pick it up in our mailbox downstairs, but today the mailman delivered it to our office and my (female) co-worker took the box in from him.  she then proceeds to announce, in a very condescending tone, in front of all the other workers, “erica, don’t you think you’re past the age for Forever 21?!”  {gee lady, thanks.} i was pretty embarrassed, but i stuck to my guns and responded that NO, i most certainly am not. and that they even make a line for maternity clothing, so NO. i’m not TOO OLD. yes, perhaps 85% of their merchandise is very young and tween-ish, but a lot of it is still great {in my opinion} for us older girls too.
i had to get that off my chest.


  1. HAHAH, I know its not funny but it kind of is. The lady is crazy and if she knew anything she would know all us 30 years olds buy stuff from there. Hello, we don’t want to wast our money. I swear my sister who is 37 finds the best stuff there and people think she spends lots of money for her clothes. You go girl.

  2. i know. i think if it weren’t me, i’d laugh a little too. ;p

  3. Wow that was really rude of her. 😦 I’ve seen middle aged women shopping at F21 so 30 is nothing.

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