lacquered up

(this post is dedicated to brooke:) )

ever since i got my last manicure, and it lasted longer than my pedicure (gasp!) i’ve been pretty interested in the brand of polish that was used on my manicure…SAVINA…after a lot of google-ing “Sabrina” i found that it was Savina and that it’s sold at Nordstrom Rack.

So, off i went to Nordstrom Rack to go check it out.  I think they were selling for about $3.50 (a steal in comparison to OPI & Essie!)

lacquer loot

{diamond shield (top coat?), emerald, blue skies, can’trememberthenamebutit’sblack}
***please pardon the dusty floors, my apartment is apparently a breeding ground for dust***

I decided to try the Emerald color first. It was such a pretty color, and with St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, i thought, “eh, why not?” it actually is much more metallic/chrome-y than it appears. i wish it were more matte.


we’ll see if it the lasting power is the same!
St. Patty’s day tomorrow! what are you all doing to celebrate?!?

some exciting wedding news: i got my save the dates today!:) YAY! stay tuned….


  1. Congrats on getting your save the dates! 😀 Love that emerald color on you. I haven’t tried this brand yet. I should pick me up a bottle the next time I’m at Nordstrom Rack!

    (Thanks! And omg, yes I remember. When will they ever create a phone that’s small *and* high tech?!)

    • thanks!!!
      you should! it’s really not that bad of a brand! the emerald has chipped a little, but i didn’t buff, use basecoat or anything.

  2. Oohhh fun colors! I like the green! Can’t wait to see the blue skies! I have yet to try the colors I got. After St Pattys day when I can take pff my green polishes I will!

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