quarter-year check-in

Since march is the 1/4 year mark of 2011, i thought i’d check in to see how i have been doing with my 2011 goals. the verdict? NOT GOOD.  not good, at all.

I have yet to sign up for a 5k,
i’m stuck on week 5 of my couch to 5K program,
still not getting enough sleep,
still not very organized,
haven’t gone to yoga once this year (horrible, i know!),
and i tried watching “FOOD INC” 3 times and fell asleep 3 times.:/


i have done a FEW things:

while i still spend a lot of time blogging, reading blogs, reading tweets, & facebooking…i did eliminate a HUGE time-waster for me. FARMVILLE. yes, i was addicted to farmville. so earlier in the year, i deleted it. and honestly, i don’t miss it! =)  just say no to farmville!

and i (we) started the process of cleaning out our guest bath yesterday!  next step: getting it functioning!  here’s a sneaky peek at what we were dealing with:

what a mess right?!?!


  1. I’ve never played Farmville but have been hearing about how addictive it is. Glad to hear you deleted *and* don’t miss it! 😀 Hehe….so Food Inc’s that boring huh? I’ve been meaning to watch it but now I’m not so sure. Good luck with that guest bath! 😉

    I’m behind (again) in my blog reading. Just wanted to say that your S.T.D’s are adorable! What a sweet pic 😀 And now I’m regretting not having gone out for my Shamrock Shake!!

    (I remember you mentioning not liking your Lumix 😦 )

    • LOL…food inc isn’t bad. it’s actually really interesting and eye opening. but watching it late at night, with the lights off and laying on the couch doesn’t help the falling-asleep factor!

      i think shamrock shakes may still be around for the entire month!

  2. Thanks for entering! Time for you to post 😛

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