our engagement photos…

we received our engagement photos on disc this past friday, and it has been so difficult to pick photos to post and share with family and friends!  the disc has over 300 pictures and it takes forever just to go through it and decide which photos you love more than others. our engagement shoot took us to many different locations, and if you remember my post about the actual day, you’ll remember that the weather was really bad as well.  but our photographers { VISIONARI } were wonderful and i couldn’t be more pleased.

{ first stop: St. Louis Heights }

there is a park at the very top of st. louis heights that is the home to all these beautiful trees! (who knew?!)  maybe it’s the landscaper blood in me that causes me to have a love for trees, and you’ll see (hopefully) why i wanted a tree themed location when you see what i have planned for the wedding. (and NO the idea wasn’t to be twilight-y, although i’ll admit, it really does look very edward & bella-ish…the asian version. )

"i'm ready for my close up!"

of course ollie pollie was there, and he wanted in on all the action!  he loves taking pictures and that day was no different. he is definitely not camera-shy!

bad weather = muddy conditions = dirty shoes😦
my poor shoes. i still have yet to get all the dirt off of the suede portions of the shoe.  i think it’s a lost cause.

family photo! ollie was more interested by the 4 photographers in front of him than he was with us…

{ next stop: apartm3nt }

apartm3nt is a little lounge-type bar that gave us a more upscale urban atmosphere…now this is very “nolan”.

and there’s our wedding date!  —9.4.11— i thought this was a pretty clever idea. i would never have thought of it….i’m not very creative. but nolan and i think this picture is hilarious because neither of us play pool.  i’m much more of an alley cat ;p

{ last stop of the day: makapuu lighthouse }

we went and stood in this field of….weeds. lol. we got a few shots in before the wind and the rain came and ruined our shoot…but have no fear, we have a re-shoot scheduled next week for sunset shots!

this is ollie’s regal, “lion king pose”…nolan and i think it’s hilarious that when we showed our parents the engagement pictures, we got  calm reactions such as: “oh, that’s nice. ooh, i like that one!, i love the background!” and then you get to pictures of ollie and they’re all, “OH MY GOD!!!! SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!  OLLIE POLLIE! HE’S SO CUTE! SEND ME THIS PICTURE! CAN YOU MAKE THIS MY SCREENSAVER?” lol. i guess i don’t have to tell you who the star of the show is in both families ;p

you can stand under my umbrella ella ella…
then the rain and wind came down and we were forced to call it a day.  can you tell that i’m thinking “omg, i can’t believe we’re trying to wait this hurricane of a storm out!  it’s cold, windy, rainy and nolan is hogging the umbrella!!!”  =)

stay tuned for our re-shoot happening next week! =) sunset shots!!!! i’m super excited!!!


  1. Love the pictures! They are great! The loungey ones are fun… you see a lot of outdoorsy engagement shots, and I like that you guys did something more night time/dressy!

    • thanks! i wanted places that were a little different from the “norm”.
      and an indoor location lets you have a bathroom to change your outfits!!! =)

  2. LOVED the photos! So sweeet! Really genius and creative shot with the pool balls too. 😀 Hehe…so cute how Ollie’s the star of the show. 😉

  3. Those are GORGEOUS! I would have no idea it was bad weather in those shots…well except the muddy shoes one.😉

  4. i love all the locations you picked! so lovey dovey. haha

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