oh cheesus.

Happy National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!
Did you know that April is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month? I did not. oh the things you learn via twitter and the internet. And in celebration of the day (and month), i thought i’d pay a little homage to the grilled cheesus….

let’s all take a moment:

praying to the grilled cheesus

(source: thanks fox)

ollie even busted out his outfit finn inspired outfit:

"i look like a lima-loser, mom"

that’s it.  i just wanted to mention the day honoring one of my most adored sandwiches. in fact…maybe i’ll eat one today to celebrate!

stay tuned…i’ve got engagement photos (round 3) and a baby shower this week!!!

counting cals update….STILL going over. will i ever make my goal? seriously, no wonder why i could never lose weight!!!


  1. grilled cheesus episode was funny. it’s so silly and ridiculous..i love it.

    speaking of grilled cheese. nordstrom cafe has a grilled cheese kids meal that comes with tomato soup, chips, fruits and a drink for $5!! i haven’t calculated the calories yet, but it’s wonderful:)

  2. Loved the grilled Chesus (and grilled cheese)! have you tried grilled cheese with mustard in it? mmmmm

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