what’s goin’ on

i didn’t want this wedding business to consume my blog, but seeing as this blog is about my life, and my life has been consumed by this wedding…it’s all i seem to blog about. i apologize.

so let me think about what else has been going on…

  • Game of Thrones:

thank you hbo & cinemawallpaper.com

a lot of my friends have raved about this show, one of my friends is currently reading the book series, but it was something that i never really thought i’d like. but on saturday, while just wanting to do nothing but sit on the couch for a few hours, i tried to watch harry potter on HBO on demand. due to some technical problem, i couldn’t watch it so i went looking at what else there was…there it was, Game of Thrones. i thought i’d just see what it was all about. 7 hours later, i’m still watching! what can i say, i’m hooked!
  • i dropped ollie…don’t worry he’s ok!

i'm ok mom!

IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. HE IS OK!  he was in his little dog carrier bag, and i went to pick up the bag, and place the long strap on my shoulder. right when the strap hit my shoulder, i heard a snap. the hook came off and down went the bag, with ollie in it. thankfully i’m super short and the strap was long, so the bag probably only dropped 2 feet at the most. he was ok, but a little shaken up.  he didn’t make a peep, but looked completely shocked. i think i was more traumatized than he was. thankfully he was ok and he still loves going in his bag. we were very lucky. i don’t know what i would’ve done if something had happened.
  • brown poodles…i’ve become interested with brown poodles. i never was a fan of poodles until i saw this cutie at the groomers:


she’s usually always at the groomers when ollie goes. i thought she was a different type of poodle, but just realized they don’t shave her face. how cute is she?!?! (she kinda reminds me of will ferrell, but in a cute way) why do people shave poodle’s faces?!? i personally think they’re way cuter this way, and i think ollie would agree.
  • fixer-upper…i think the fix it guy is coming today! hopefully by the time i get home, i’ll have my pottery barn wall organizers up, the toilet fixed, and the open pipe capped!  (here’s hoping!)  gotta get ready for our houseguest coming in a little less than 2 weeks!!!

house guest!

hope you’re having a great week!


  1. Aw! I love all the cute puppy pics! Please steal that poodle so she can marry Ollie😉 Sooooo cute!😀

  2. No need to apologize. It’s your blog after all. :)

    And accidents happen. Great to hear Ollie is okay. The poodle is too cute!

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