death of a ribbon bouquet…

i should have known this would happen, given the fact that ollie is a fan of playing with ribbons…

ribbons! ribbons! i love ribbons!

there went my ribbon bouquet for the rehearsal! LOL.  he demolished it.

speaking of demolishing things…i want to say i’m demolishing my to do list, but with ever task i cross out, it seems like 5 more tasks get added on…

  • seating charts
  • gifts for the kiddos—almost done
  • gifts for moms
  • gifts for dads
  • wrap all gifts for parents, bridal party, & kids
  • get apartment ready for houseguest!
  • vendor meetings
  • picking up wedding bands
  • picking up ipod for music
  • printing out engagement photos to display
  • buy frames for engagement photos
  • framing engagement photos to display
  • send in final payments  everything else is due day of!
  • downloading music for reception and slideshow
  • picking up favors
  • framing table numbers
  • wrapping out-of-town guests gift
  • sending in final numbers
  • finding leecee envelope in chinatown
  • trying to NOT freak out
  • various beauty appointments
  • working on slideshow
  • dress fittings (myself & bridesmaids, kiddos) …just one more to teach cece how to bustle my dress!
  • tux fittings
  • meet with officiant
  • last-minute orders of various things (table numbers, card boxes, etc)
  • marriage license application
  • preweddingmoon <–why did i think this was a good idea?
  • pick up various signs, table numbers, etc. —-TODAY!
  • various showers, family dinners, and other non-wedding related celebrations.

days to go…
5 days until cece gets here!
5 days until a surprise happens…stay tuned.
6 days until my bridal shower!
10 days until wedding rehearsal

i really want to get as much as possible done before my friends all start arriving so we can play!   cece doesn’t come home very often, i wanna make the most of it!


  1. Haha…oh no! But he looks so cute. 😛 Now I’m wondering what the surprise could be! 😉

    (I remember you telling me that! Since you’ve read the book, you def need to see this one. :))

  2. Hahaha awww poor bouquet! good luck on the “not freaking out” item on that list😉 CONGRATS!

  3. 12 days!!!! that came up so fast!
    Whats the surprise?! I really want to see the bridesmaids dresses!

  4. Your dog is sooo cute! Good luck getting everything done this week!

  5. Ack! Don’t worry about the rest of the stuff on your list. I’ll be there to complete them with you!
    and Ollie Ollie Ollie! Can’t wait to meet him!!

    • ollie is excited too! my mom said “aunty cece elephant is gonna be here soon!” and he ran to get his elephant toy. it was kinda funny.

  6. some sort of amnesia says:

    It’s getting so close, I’m soooo excited for you! ~Biting my nails in anticipation~ I can’t imagine how beautiful everything and most importantly YOU will be!!

  7. omg!! this is sooo awesome!:)

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