let the festivities begin!

TGIF!  today is my last day of work as a ‘single lady’. i’m off for the next 1.5 weeks! woop woop! got a lot to do today before this weekend, because once this weekend arrives,

Let the craziness festivities begin!!!
Saturday is going to be CRAZY!  lots of setting up for a special dinner (more about that later), and picking up this girl in the early afternoon!:

hi cece!

i’m so excited!  she hasn’t been back in almost two years!!!
and you know who else is coming home? this girl:

hi kristen!

i can’t wait to see all my out-of-town friends (i really wish they would all move home!) and spend time with them. i don’t want to stress, i just want to enjoy this next week or so. i’m going to try to get as much as i can done tonight so i can have some play-time next week!!!


  1. Have fun!!! 😀

  2. I am soo excited for you! Congrats!

  3. Aw how exciting.:) Congrats!!! Have a great time!

  4. tick tock tick tock! So soon!

  5. thanks everyone!

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