i’m married!!!!

i’m married! it was everything i could have imagined, it was perfect.

wanna see?

go here for our same-day-edit:

i’ll be back with photos as soon as i steal some from friends…but here are a few…


  1. some sort of amnesia says:

    I watched the clip…So, so gooood, everything looked so pretty! Sick and all I had to stalk YOUR blog (only one of the night), low and behold you posted, THANK YOU for sharing!!!! Can’t wait to see more. Happily ever after wishes to you and Nolan, he did good by finally making you his MRS. Good night…

    btw, did the talented MRS. Cece make the bridesmaids dresses?

  2. HAHA those pictures are so cute!! congrats!! can’t wait to see even more!

  3. Love the photo booth pics! So fun!
    Cant wait to see more!
    From what Ive seen, the bridesmaids dresses look great!

  4. Congrats to you both! You look gorgeous (from that what I can see) – can’t wait to see more pictures! All the best:)

  5. Congratulations Erica and Nolan!
    I’ve been secretly following your blog for a while now (before you moved to WordPress), and while reading your blog I discovered that you were from Hawaii too. Then I saw a picture of Nolan and thought that he looked familiar but couldn’t figure out why. Then I came across another picture of you two and your friends, and that’s when I saw my brother in that picture. Why am I not surprised, we do live on a small island. :)

    Anywho, just wanted to send my congratulations to you two. You looked absolutely beautiful and the wedding looked perfect!

    -Emy (Noteworthy Eric’s sister)

    • wow. what a small world!
      eric was actually at the wedding! thank you for your comment (and for secretly following ;p)
      maybe one day we’ll actually meet!:)

  6. Congratulations beautiful!!! So happy for you!!:)

  7. Omg, LOVE the pics! CONGRATS TO YOU TWO!!! 😀

  8. P.S Just saw the vid. *sniffs* It was beautiful. Especially the part where you’re walking towards Nolan and he’s about to turn around.

  9. congrats on the wedding dear!!!! you guys look so lovely. can’t wait to more pics!

  10. Krissy Murphy says:

    Amazing! Cannot wait to see the whole thing documented in your blog! You look gorgeous and happy!!!!!

  11. Aww congratulations Erica!!! Oh my goodness, what a happy day! You look gorgeous! I’m excited to read all the other posts you’ve posted since this one- I’m catching up! So excited and happy for you!

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