planner talk (part 2):let’s get to life planning

“it’s here! it’s here! my erin condren life planner is here!”  <—remember when i said i’d say that?  well my life planner came in the mail the other day, in a very cute box.  perhaps the cutest shipping box i’ve ever seen:

i don’t know about you all, but i LOVE opening packages. it’s like opening a gift, even though you probably bought it yourself and already know what it is.  but there’s just some excitement about it (at least for me), so that’s why i truly appreciate a nicely wrapped order. it’s such a pleasant surprise to open up the box and see pretty tissue or a cute sticker.  now add all of that with a super cute shipping box and extra (personalized) gift labels and tags, and i am one happy customer!

now let’s get to the nitty gritty…

{love} all the sections! there are places to write notes, section for weekly goals and to do lists, stickers, folder slots and an envelope (go look on her website to see detailed pics)

{room to improve} holy hell, this book is as thick as a recipe book! (and heavy too!) but i knew that when i bought it, so i can’t really complain, i just didn’t realize it would be SO thick and SO heavy.  the pages could stand to be thicker (so certain pens won’t bleed through—i can’t stand when i can see what’s written on the other side of the page—…but then again, that would probably add to the thickness & weight).  the tabs everyone raved about are great, but they’re thin, flimsy, and would wear and tear quickly. what’s a girl to do? i “laminated” my tabs with packing tape.:/ (don’t laugh)

i have only been using it for a few days now. i love (almost) everything about it, hopefully i’ll get used to the size/weight.  and ollie has found it very useful as a chin rest while he lounges on the couch:)


  1. woah that’s a serious planner!

  2. right?!?! it weighs a ton!

  3. Your dog is super CUTE! What a lovely package! That planner is amazing! Love the color.

    I’m hosting a giveaway from My Memories digital scrapbooking and it’ll be exciting if you’d like to join!:)

    en la moda

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