wedding recap: ceremony

and we’re back to more wedding recaps…i really can’t wait for the professional pics to come in because pulling pics off facebook just isn’t cutting it. (quality wise that is)

after my gift surprise, it was time to toss the robes and get dressed:

there are a ton of buttons!

prior to the ceremony we took a bunch of photos…lots of bridal party and family photos…

aren't they adorable?!?!

aren’t the kids so cute?!!? i wish i could’ve watched while they had their photos taken. my sister said it was hilarious.

bridesmaid & flower girl dresses by jewel numkki

then it was time for family pictures, and my grandma arrived.  i’m not sure how much of the day she actually “got” but when i first saw her she had the hugest smile on her face. she’s been waiting for this day for a long time. i can’t even tell you how many times she’s asked “when you gonna get married?” i’m glad she was able to be there…


more family pictures:

joining of families

then it was time for the ceremony…

the men...

here comes cece:


here comes the bride

a lot of people asked why i kept laughing during the ceremony. i think it was so i wouldn’t cry. i did not want to cry.


aaaand, we’re married!!! it was the quickest ceremony ever! short and sweet. i really hate long, drawn out ceremonies.  in the words of our pastor who married us, “you can dictate how long or short you want your ceremony to be, but i gotta tell you, if it pushes 45 minutes, even i may leave” LOL.

the new mr. & mrs!

woop woop!


  1. How romantic! You are such a radiant bride!

  2. awwww so sweet! congrats hun! you looked absolutely stunning😀

  3. Haha…I loved what the pastor said. 😛

    Gorgeous pics, Erica! 😀

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