OTV: ollie learns a new trick

is it sad that i’m currently washing my brand new set of Hotel Collection bath towels and i’m suuuuuper excited?!?! cause i am.  they are so plush and soft and bright white!  i can definitely say i’m in some sort of “nesting” mode {not to be confused with baby-mode…i’m still trying to warm up to the idea–but that is a totally different blog post that i probably won’t write}  but back to the nesting mode…we went west elm/parsons crazy and purchased a parsons desk, parsons mini desk, parsons console, and parsons coffee table. {what can i say, i LOVE the parsons design} yes folks, we will no longer have to eat standing at the kitchen counter or on top of a plastic chair.  =)

and while i may not be quite ready for a real baby, i am i great doting FUR MOM.  and wanted to share with you ollie’s new trick my mom taught him today. and as you can see from the video she was very amused and proud herself. lol


i don’t know what it is, i can work with ollie for days on tricks that he never does, and my mom works with him for a few hours and he gets it!

well, hope you all have a great weekend! got a lot going on this weekend!!!


  1. Ollie is sooo adorable!

  2. Aw…. 😀 My in-laws have this ability to train Boba too that we somehow lack…haha. Are these the towels from Macy’s? I freaking love ’em! Congrats on your new furniture 😀 The Parsons design is soo nice!

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