weekend shennanigans

i’ve been seeing people posting pictures on facebook of these cute japanese treats from a temporary kiosk (apparently the store is bringing in different food vendors from japan and they get a booth for a period of time) at Shirokiya, but every time we’ve tried to go, it’s been closed.  boo.  but finally on saturday morning, we were able to try these treats:

they were super cute, but only ok in taste. nothing to rave about (aside from it’s kawaii-ness).  the rest of the day was spent visiting grandma (still in the hospital) and calling it an early night because we had an early morning on sunday for….

Ollie’s pet walk!!! registration started at 7am!

and here’s a video i made of ollie’s day at the pet walk. it’s my first attempt at an edited video, so don’t laugh! lol {AND i’m in desperate need of a new camera!!!}:


  1. The pet walk looks so fun! Ollie did a great job. 😀 Love the cute snacks you bought but boo to them only being okay tasting. Hope your grandma is doing better and can go home soon.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Ollie is sooo adorable. Best wishes for your Gran’s speedy recovery!

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