writer’s block

i have a major case of writer’s block.  i failed to take any pictures of weekend activities (bad blogger!) but here’s a rundown of my 3-day weekend:

  • gelato
  • daily hospital visits–yes, grandma is still in the hospital.
  • skull themed birthday dinner
  • shopping
  • catching up on DVRed shows (and realizing that Glee has not been recorded!)
  • yoga

and since it’s october, why limit halloween to just one day? ollie will be rocking his halloween hoodies all month! today he’s ollie-bee!

"halloween is all month, right mom?"


do you see his little kong stuffing-less toy in that picture? it’s a beaver.  i named it justin beaver. cracks me up everytime. i’m so lame sometimes ;p


  1. Ollie is so adorable! Love the new blinds too!

  2. omg ollie-bee is so freaking cute!!!!

  3. Cute!!!
    Justin Beaver. hahahahha
    That’s my kind of humor. Every time we go this one park, there’s wild bunnies there, and we walk by this one area there’s always bunnies hanging out and I ask Darwin “any bunny home?!” hahah. Jason doesn’t think it’s as funny as I do. hahahaha. But now when I say it, Darwin always looks for bunnies. (She’s too slow and not graceful enough to catch a bunny. And she’s too scared to go into the bushes where they hide. So no bunnies get hurt!)

  4. lapiattini says:

    oh em gee your dog is sooo cute!

  5. Ollie-bee…love it!! You got me at Justin Beaver. Guess that means I’m pretty lame too…lol. I hope your grandma gets to go home soon!

    (Hmm…I think it’s the low season right now but I could be wrong. We usually visit Asia in the Fall b/c it’s cheaper and the weather milder. Maybe those are the same reasons for other peeps going too…hee hee:)

  6. P.S Love your new profile pic! You’re so pretty 😀

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