{birth}day fun

last night we had our girl’s birthday dinner at CPK (favorite place of october birthday girl, kri) to celebrate kri’s big 3-oh. and we also threw in lori’s three-oh as well, since her actual birthday celebration was in the maternity ward.  OH! i just realized that i never talked about that! well let me tell you the story of baby logan!

so lori was supposed to be one of my bridesmaids, but then she found out that she was pregnant and would be 8 months at the time of my wedding, so she decided to opt out.  Right after our wedding reception was over we all wanted to take a group picture that included lori:

right after this picture was taken, her water broke. she made a stealthy exit and made her way to the hospital.  the very next day, baby logan was born (one month early!) he was supposed to be born one month after his mom’s birthday. instead, he came 1 day before her birthday…hence the birthday celebration in the hospital!

crazy right???

so back to our birthday dinner….the early birds caught some drinks:

and then we had gifts:

and then we busted out some fun birthday gear:


good food, good friends, good times:)


  1. 1 month early! that’s crazy! the wedding excitment mustve made him want to come out early!

  2. aww..good times. that’s my new favorite picture with all of us. i really want to meet logan. he’s so cute!!!

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