weekend recap: dog days of fall

this weekend went to the dogs ollie.  Saturday morning we made in impromptu stop at the Aloha Pet Festival, in kaka’ako.  It was a weird (but good) mix of farmer’s market booths, pet business booths, food booths, and food trucks.  I had seen some info on it on facebook, so when nolan asked if i wanted to do anything, i jumped at the chance to check it out. i sometimes feel bad for ollie…he needs doggy fun too!  we got there an hour after it started, and the crowd was just the way i liked it: not too crowded, but not too dead…although i’m sure the vendors were hoping for a larger crowd.  Ollie had a grand time smelling butts and making friends, especially with this group of poms:

i don’t normally dress him up to go out, but i heard there was going to be a costume contest, so i thought other dogs would be dressed up as well…i think we were about an hour too early, because all the dressed up dogs were arriving as we were leaving. oh well.

Sunday i made it to yoga! (and now my body is in PAIN!)  the rest of the day was spent cleaning & organizing.  i wish i was a super neat freak/organizer, but sadly, i am not. but i try.  ;p  took a break to take ollie to visit great grandma (who looks SO much better now that she’s back home!) her house does weekly mani/pedis (so cute!) and this week she had flowers on her nails!

and i was feeling inspired by my grandma’s fancy nails, i attempted a halloween themed mani:

still trying to master the glitter nail…it’s not as easy as other bloggers make it seem!:/ i can’t believe that orange & black nails are the only thing i’ve done for halloween this year!  no costumes, no pumpkin, no home decor…what’s up with that? halloween is my favorite holiday of the year! this cannot be the case!  i must bust out my halloween party-pants and get festive!

and to close, i’ll leave you with a picture of my jewelmint payal belle bracelet (yes, i am totally late to the jewelmint bandwagon) and a funny story, that i don’t read information correctly. i thought if you didn’t purchase, you wouldn’t be charged. but it was you wouldn’t be charged monthly until you make your first purchase. from then on you can either buy a piece of jewelry or be charged a fee (that you can use to buy jewelry).  you have the first so many days (5, i think) of each month to say “skip this month” and then you won’t be charged. silly me. i didn’t “skip this month” as i didn’t realize i had to until a few days later…so….i got a bracelet. lol.



  1. grandma looks so happy! i’m glad she’s doing better.

    girl, your nails are way more than what i’ve done for halloween this year. so sad. i almost asked my doctor if he can put orange and black bandages on my feet for the surgery, but i was knocked out before i got to it.

  2. Fun nails! I love glitter polish!
    My grandma goes to a day care now, and the last time I facetimed with home she had a manicure done and she picked TEAL nailpolish! hahahah So sassy!

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