a trip down halloween lane

this halloween has turned out to be quite, NON-festive. i didn’t even buy a pumpkin this year! {so sad!}  so to be a little festive (and to cheer myself up) i thought it would be fun to revisit halloweens of the past:

HALLOWEEN 2002: cat + butterfly fairy + devil + maryanne from gilligan’s island 

we were newcomers to the whole dressing up as adults this year. very last-minute costumes, very little effort…
{lesson learned: big wings + crowds=bad idea}

HALLOWEEN 2003: flappers

ah, the roaring 20s, my absolute favorite era!!  as you can see, much more planning and effort went into this year’s costumes.  it’s nice to have my halloween crazy (cece) around!
{lesson learned: if you make your own costumes, you won’t run into anyone wearing the EXACT same thing.  fabric stores, craft stores, and goodwill were our go-to places!} 

HALLOWEEN 2004: Kill Bill vol. 1

this halloween ensemble took the most effort and planning.  cece and i worked on the costumes for months.  we were still in our no-store-bought costumes mindset, so everything was made, or refashioned clothing from our closets and goodwill. (and ok, store-bought accessories)  that kimono was the last thing i ever sewed from scratch.
{lesson learned: start early. plan ahead.}

***let’s now note that cece moved away after this halloween, so my master seamstress was gone, and our group was down to only 1 halloween crazy vs. 4 i-hate-halloween friends.  needless to say, things got a little simpler. lol.***

HALLOWEEN 2005: pink fairies

Hi Kristen!
we decided to dress up to work. almost everything came from kiddie stores.
{lesson learned: NEVER EVER wear a kid’s headband again! that sucker gave me the absolute worst migraine i have ever experienced in my life.  teeny tiny headband + my ginormous head = death by migraine.}

HALLOWEEN 2006: gangsters

{lesson learned: make sure everyone is on the same page:}
Erica: we’re going to be gangsters!
Keri (shocked & confused face): wha….???
Erica (understanding the confusion): no no keri. gangstERRRRS.  not gangstAHS!
Keri: oh!!! ok! i can do that.

***we now come to the couples costumes portion of this journey, with nolan, mr. i-HATE-dressing up!***

HALLOWEEN 2007: hugh hefner + nerd

Ok, so this isn’t a couple’s costume, i went lone wolf as hef, while nolan and friends scrambled for a costume the day before halloween—–resulting in a group of dorks….literally.
{lesson learned: the trick with getting nolan to wear a costume was to have him wear as close to normal clothing as possible!}

HALLOWEEN 2008: airline pilot & flight attendant

no lesson learned here…just an observation that it is almost impossible to find a cute store-bought costume that doesn’t show off your midriff. hence, our costumes were a result of 2 very important things:

  1. a covered midriff for erica, because no one wants to see that.
  2. nolan’s costume must resemble regular clothes (i.e. no gladiator skirts, no body paint, nothing over the top)

HALLOWEEN 2009: corpse bride & groom….

i had a feeling that this was going to be our last year in costume, so i went with something i always wanted to be, the corpse bride. store bought costume led me to the cute/sexy version, although i wish it was more the actual corpse bride/movie version.

{lesson learned: spice things up…i spray painted, cut, glued spiders, shredded & tried to dirty up the costume (death/grave dirty, not christina aguilera-wanna-get-dirty, dirty—just to clarify) ;p}

and that concludes my trip down halloween lane. i hope you enjoyed it:)
i will leave you with a video of ollie opening his halloween goody bag:

hope you have a great halloweenie tomorrow!


  1. Love the kill bill costumes!
    heheh I think Ollie is more spoiled than Darwin. His box of toys is huge! hahaha

  2. You guys had some really amazing costumes! ❤ the Kill Bill vol. 1 one! 😀 Ollie is so big now. Love the music you chose for the vid and the clapping at the end…hehe. 😉

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