ups and downs…

this weekend had a lot of  ups and downs.


UP… free tickets to a UH football game. (i haven’t been in about 5 years)

DOWN…  they lost.

UP…   mcdonald’s hot fudge sundae to end the night:)



UP…   found a new breakfast place {sweet e’s cafe} on a blog. it looked totally cute, and there was no wait for a table.

sweet E's cafe

SUPER BIG DOWN…   service was terrible.  we waited about 45 minutes for our food. and the last 1o of those minutes, we watched our food sit on the counter as it got cold. we watched the one waiter walk past our food about 5 times as he gave people menus, delivered bills, and filled water. watched as he walked past our food AND look in our direction but still no food. thank god nolan’s food and my side of fried rice was delicious or else my already hungry and irate husband (woah…weird) would’ve hit the roof.  my stuffed banana french toast was “eh”, and my iced coffee was more iced cream with a splash of coffee….overall a very disappointing experience.

iced cream with a splash of coffee...

our food. finally.

UP…   got to see chase dressed up in a kimono:)  it’s some children blessing thing at a japanese temple. totally don’t know what it’s about, except they get dressed up and blessed.

someone was tired of smiling...

UP…  ollie got to spend some time with his cousin…although i’m not sure if ollie thinks that’s a good thing. he seems a little apprehensive around bula and his excessive butt-sniffing ;p

"mommy, why are we at a temple?"


bula smiling


DOWN…   APEC week begins tomorrow. let’s hope it’s not chaos!


  1. Thanks for the cute pics! Hope you can meet up when we’re in Honolulu after Christmas! We’ll be staying at the Outrigger Reef!

  2. Now I want mcd’s ice cream. I miss their caramel sundaes. mmmmm. mmmm.
    Chase looks so cute! Caden took pics in a kimono last year. So fricken cute!

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