professional wedding pics: just the two of us


and now for nolan, who hates taking pictures…

first sighting…

a lot of people who saw the video asked why we were laughing (since first sightings are normally a romantic event and all).  first of all, if you haven’t already noticed, nolan and i are not the most romantic of couples, second of all…here’s the story:  nolan was standing there alone for what he says felt like “forever!” because we (the girls) had to wait for the elevator, catch the elevator, then wait for tourists to walk through the shot, THEN i could walk out.  AND THEN i didn’t know that the photographer had told nolan he would give him a thumbs up signal to him, signaling that i was near (hence nolan’s first photo) and then  i would tap him on his right shoulder, then he should then turn right (for photography purposes, i guess).  i tapped his left shoulder, to which people started laughing and i hear nolan saying ” what do i do? you have to tap my right shoulder! right shoulder!”

well…that was definitely a you-had-to-be there story…but i thought i’d explain all the laughter.

modeling is tough…

so we laughed a lot…

and my all-time favorites:



  1. aww! so lovely! congratulations again!:)

  2. The train of your dress and your veil look AWESOME in that first pic!
    Love how happy you both look. Looks like you’re having a great time!

  3. Hee hee…the story was so cute! 😀 Erica, you looked absolutely gorgeous! What lippie did you use btw? Love the color. You guys look like such a fun couple!

  4. These are really the best wedding pics I’ve seen, ever! I am sure you’re treasure these all your life!

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