an ode to helathy living blogs: personal training.

what did i get myself into?!?!

wait. let me rephrase:

what did nolan get me into?!?!

Nolan and friends have been obsessed with going to this new gym EC fitness for the “warrior class” which i think is some sort of circuit training class.  knowing that i am the type of person that doesn’t like to do these types of things (i.e. work out), let alone do them in front of a bunch of physically fit people, he signed me up for personal training.  i was supposed to start last month, but i had to postpone due to my grandma’s 3-week stint in the hospital.  and since i’ve been taking a  workout hiatus since getting married to be lazy enjoy being a newlywed, i figured i should get back on track.

my session started out with answering a bunch of questions, so he could get an idea of where i stood. i mean i knew i’ve fallen off the fitness wagon since the wedding, but answering questions like “level of activity, what i do during the day, when was the last time i worked out, what i ate that day, etc.” all at once was pretty embarrassing. i may as well just have said “i’m a lazy sloth. i don’t like to work out, and i love to eat disgustingly unhealthy food.”  {i just ate a donut about an hour ago, obviously i’ve learned nothing}

then i was weighed and my body fat percentage measurements were taken. weight…i’m actually down since the wedding, and body fat…yikes. as a starting point we’re aiming to drop 4% (did i mention i said STARTING POINT? i think ideally i should lose about 7%…but let’s be realistic. i can’t go from sloth to super active in a few weeks.)

he said we’d just do a “super easy” workout for the first day. i died. if that was super easy, i don’t even know what you’d call what i’ve been doing on my own this whole time. no wonder i have so much trouble losing weight! literally, i thought i was going to pass out…it was pretty embarrassing.

other than the sheer embarrassment and wake up call, i liked it. i liked being corrected on my poor form, and the explanations as to why you need to do this or that.  i think personal training was a very wise decision on nolan’s part. had i gone to a warrior class, i would have vomited then passed out in about 10 minutes…

Session 2: this session we worked out the full hour, and no sick feeling and no wanting to pass out (thank god).  the difference? slightly longer breaks between exercises (i didn’t take much the first time…just plowed through), drank more water throughout the workout (i didn’t drink any the first session), & i ate a substantial snack 1 hour prior instead of 2 hours.  all those tweaks made a world of difference!

my body is IN PAIN right now. session number 3 this week!


  1. oh man, my trainer used to kick my ass at every single session. it never got easy, she always kept challenging me which is good! you won’t get stuck in a rut this way. & u will learn a lot. i still use a lot of the exercises she taught me even though i don’t train w her anymore. good luck!!!! the pain is worth it after seeing the results😀

    • my trainer said i’ll probably hurt for 6 weeks! (if i work out consistently) YIKES!
      but i like it. i like having direction and being pushed:)

  2. Good luck!! At least the weather is nice in Honolulu, so that’s less of a de-motivator!

  3. Keep up the good work! I had a session once and boy it was tough! I kept to the exercises for a little bit but then gave up. It’s tough not having someone there to kick your butt. You’re lucky to have that! 😀

    • i like having someone there! accountability. lol.
      but yes, the sessions are tough. i swear, if he’s going easy on me b/c i’m massively out of shape, i think what i was doing on my own wasn’t even considered a warm up!


  1. […] over again, and that never happened either. i think running is just not my thing. BUT i did start personal training, which is a HUGE step for me, so i think it’s a good push/pull for my overall physical […]

  2. […] training at EC Fitness…and i actually really like it! i’ve come a long, long way from practically passing out from my mini introductory workout to now. i definitely know i’ve gotten A LOT stronger!  […]

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