professional wedding pics: ceremony & reception

this is the last installment of my pro-wedding-pics.. here we go, pictures and a few tidbits.

ceremony entrance…

we walked in to live piano music…pachelbel canon in D for the bridesmaids, and kenny g’s wedding song for me.

i have to show the train…


the vows…

i laughed through most of it. i’m not really sure why. i think because it kept me from crying…i absolutely didn’t want to cry….so i laughed.


and we’re married! woop! woop!


the reception entrance…

We entered to LMFAO’s Party Rock. my shuffle looked more like a  75-year-old’s jig, but oh well.  at the very least,  it makes for entertaining pictures ;p


the first dance…

{song: Everytime I Close My Eyes}  
nolan wanted to practice our first dance.  i thought, “how hard could it be?” well….let me tell ya, if you don’t normally slow dance with your man (and we probably had only done so at one other wedding for 10 seconds—people don’t really dance at weddings in hawaii. i have no idea why.) it’s probably best you practice…at least once.  i kept laughing throughout the dance just because the whole thing felt so awkward.

the cake cutting…

{song used: all4one’s beautiful as you} this is another thing that you think, “eh, how hard can it be?” but when we got up to the cake table, the hotel bell captain came up to walk us through the cake cutting procedure. yah….this was also pretty awkward, not gonna lie.

the bouquet toss…

so, another “people don’t really do that in hawaii” thing, is swarm the dance floor to catch the bouquet.  it is nothing like the movies where all the girls are fighting over who gets to catch the bouquet. here, no one wants to go up. they all refuse/go to the bathroom/hide during this portion of the reception…like it’s embarrassing to be the “single lady”  (in fact, i’ll tell you a nightmare dream i had prior to the wedding…that when it was time to toss the bouquet, no one went up and i was left standing there alone…because i was the last single girl. it was quite upsetting.)  so anyway, we thought it’d be fun to toss the bouquet to the “married men” instead. but that was a pretty poor showing as well. shame on you, you married men! i know there were more than 7 of you there! {song used: color me badd–all for love}


the garter toss…

yes, i changed into slippers:)

the toss…

now, there were quite a few single men! my nephew (see him in the front there?) ran up to the dance floor when he heard “garter toss” because he thought they were going to play “catch” because he hear the word “toss”.  how cute was that right?  the garter ended up landing on our friend’s head. lol.  {songs used: marvin gaye–let’s get it on & Yello–oh yeah}

and lastly, the MOH toast…

cece gave the sweetest toast:)  i know she worked long and hard on it, and i truly appreciate it:) i heart you!

and that folks, is the end of this series of professional wedding pics. thank you so much for letting me share our day with you all!


  1. Love love love your train!

  2. Such a romantic ceremony! Thanks for sharing!

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