a quick rundown


  • personal training session #4 (note to self: don’t drink a smoothie for breakfast before working out)
  • longs–picked up a bunch of stuff!
  • worked on cece’s birthday gift! {getting mailed out late, sorry!}
  • costco—picked up some much-needed ollie-supplies
  • picked up lunch
  • city mill—picked up some organizing bins
  • rest/lounge/nap
  • sports authority—gift for chase, compression stuff for nolan
  • target—-xmas tree (only fakes for me! lol), and a bunch of random stuff

Sunday: sunday was cece‘s birthday!

  • yoga
  • chitty chat catch up time with kris after yoga
  • ollie’s birthday post-it photoshoot and video telegram shoot
  • humane society—took ollie to see santa paws!
  • calvin & susie—took ollie to their 1-year party
  • fukuyas—lunch for the humans! my absolute favorite okazuya!
  • eat & nap
  • grandma’s house—ollie visited his great grandma
  • in laws house—ollie took a bath and we all had dinner
  • safeway—much needed groceries!
  • sleep.


  • work
  • dinner
  • got an exciting package in the mail!
  • watch Bridesmaids—hilarious, yet painful to watch. lol.


  1. Aw, he’s always so photogenic! What a cutie pie! Love the pic with Santa Paws. 😀

    P.S Loved your photos in your last post!

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