the holidays are here!

Holiday Season 2011 has officially begun!!!

  • copious amounts of turkey, stuffing, gravy, & pumpkin pie have been consumed  {we have thanksgiving lunch AND dinner…it’s turkey trauma on our stomaches!}
  • a turkey day meal was provided for ollie pollie as well {technically, it was chicken}

doggy food, peas, green beans, carrots, & chicken

someone was very excited to take part in thanksgiving gluttony!  (don’t worry, nothing was seasoned!)

"i get a thanksgiving meal too?!?"

  • a quick visit to the gym occurred to walk off our thanksgiving meals…

even the lightest of exercises are brutal 1 hour after eating

  • a massive house cleaning {nolan nearly fainted from shock} and internet shopping {nolan will faint when he sees the credit card bill!} took place on black friday…
  • a brutal, yet wonderful personal training session took place on Saturday, along with more internet shopping.
  • christmas decorations have begun to go up in our little abode…

we don't have much decor...

it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas!

now for my frustrating news:
i received my canon camera i ordered in the mail {via rewards points, so trying to get this fixed may turn into a nightmare!}..i was setting it up, and the monitor blacks out. now i don’t know if i pressed some weird function, or it’s defective…but i’m SO frustrated and disappointed because i wanted to have this wonderful camera for the holidays….this blog has pics from that camera as i can still take pictures and upload them…i just can’t see anything on the monitor or change settings. i’m going to the canon repair store ASAP this week!


hope you all had a great thanksgiving!!! it’s going to be tough going back to work after a 4-day weekend!!! (at least it will be for me!)


  1. Looks like you (and Ollie) had a great Thanksgiving! Hope I get to meet you when we’re in Honolulu at the end of December!

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