OTV and video confessions

so i have a confession to make.
i saw a super cute youtube tag called “my furry friend” and fell in love with watching everyone’s videos about their pets. so much so that i entertained the thought of making one myself.  i was going to plunge myself into the youtube world to make a video talking about ollie. {yes, i’m aware that i have a fur-parent problem}   but could i really?!?! i just couldn’t see myself making youtube videos of myself. making videos of ollie is one thing, but to sit and just talk to the camera….i didn’t think i had the balls.

so i thought i would just do a test run on my web cam…just to see how it went…

and it went exactly how i thought it would:

horrible. i couldn’t do it.

i felt (and looked) as awkward as kim kardashian on dancing with the stars. but, there were some cute ollie moments, so why deprive him of all his video glory? so i made a quick video of some outtakes…


  1. Haha…what a cute vid! He’s so feisty! I love dogs like that. 😀 And no you did not look awkward at all! Happy weekend!!

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