vampires, balloons, & plaster of paris

this past weekend was a weird mix of things….

friday night…started with a glass of wine before we headed to the mall to do some christmas shopping…we didn’t really come out very successful (only 1 gift) as we ran into some friends and went with them watch-shopping, which took up practically the whole night!  then we went for some korean food to end the evening. (always a plus in my book!)

saturday…early morning wakeup call to get my butt fed and on my way to personal training. it was total brutality. my legs felt like dead weight…perhaps due to the late night korean food? i have no idea, but it was a tough workout. the rest of the afternoon was spent on the couch. until it was time for….BREAKING DAWN part 1!!! i finally got to see it. i can’t even remember the last movie i saw in the theaters…probably eclipse. lol.  and to my surprise? i Loved it! which is saying a lot since i did not care for any of the other twilight installments. i thought they were pretty lame and tv-movieish. 

source: pinterest

{my thoughts: i love the bigger budget-feel. i LOVED the wedding. (i cried. totally wasn’t expecting their song-choice for the ceremony. it was a sweet, touching, nostalgic and unexpected surprise and it caused some tears to be shed.) i loved bella’s dress. loved the back. i do believe the acting has improved. the special effects on pregnant-bella was amazing. i love little seth. that was perfect casting in my book.  gotta love charlie. didn’t care for the whole “i-am-the-grandson-of-ephriam-black” bit…it came off kinda cheesy.  i wish there was more alice. i always wish for more alice.} oh. and while walking out of the theater, my ankle buckled and i fell down the stair (singular, thank god). it was just fabulous. fabulously embarrassing.

sunday was busy busy busy! yoga in the morning…a starbucks turned jamba juice stop for morning fuel due to long starbucks line and an empty jamba.  then we picked up another christmas gift and some craft supplies for my manzanita project. we stopped for lunch at my favorite ramen place for some paitan ramen:

then we went to send some birthday cheer to my grandma!  She turned 94 this weekend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!!  ollie brought her a birthday balloon that put a huge smile on her face:

and she got to spend some time with him as he played outside, and he enjoys riding on her wheelchair:

and then it was time to head home to give ollie a bath and work on my project: a permanent home for my manzanita branches! plaster of paris makes a huge mess! here’s a picture of them drying….

finished product pic coming soon…

and to start my monday: jury duty summons in the mail😦


  1. Grannie and Ollie are sooooooo kawaii!

  2. Ollie and the balloon! so cute!
    At least you fell DOWN the STAIR. I’ve fallen going UP the stairs in front of people. EMBARRASSING! hahaha

    • lol. i was so thankful most of the people had left before the extra scene, and that it was still kinda dark!!! and my ankle hurt but i booked it out of there so fast! lol.

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