the holidays…bring it on!

i feel like the time is flying by and it’ll be 2012 before you know it!  with that said, i’m trying to conquer the holidays as best as i can with a smile on my face:) and as little “ba-humbug” as possible!

tackling the gift wrapping…my “girl cave” has turned into “storage room” for all the gifts, online orders, and things that need to be worked on (gallery wall!).

i’m pretty sure nolan gets all kinds of annoyed at the state of this room. clutter! mess! i’m sure he just closes his eyes when he goes past this room. i’m actually surprised he hasn’t said anything yet.

holiday decor…finally finished my manzanita project…well, except for the base.  i meant to cover it with moss, but that got a little too messy as my plaster of paris reached the top of the box:/


this was our family table centerpiece pieces, and next is a few extra branches we had from our order:


christmas parties….the first of many holiday events, my grandma’s christmas party. her house throws a party every year for the residents and their families. they have food catered, they sing, and there are presents (a cardigan and neck pillow for my grandma) for each resident…i think my grandma enjoyed herself as best she could, she can only eat pureed food now, so i’m sure seeing everyone eat all the food, desserts, and sushi was slightly difficult.😦

in other {random} news…

  • got my camera back!  {i may have wanted a nikon, but canon has great service and a fast turnaround!}
  • another round of EC Fitness today. i’m always filled with anticipation and fear. lol.
  • started a new k-drama: Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.
  • ADDICTED to Bakery Story on my iphone.


  1. Wow, your manzanita is gorgeous!!! 😀 I love that they throw a X’mas party every year for residents and their families. Happy belated to your grandma!

    (Yep, it’s usually eaten as a dessert and is made with a ginger infused syrup. If you like dim sum, look out for it next time!😉 )

  2. what fun decorations!

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