christmas day part 1: hawaii 5-O edition

When my nephew Chase (who is in kindergarten) asked Santa for a bullet proof vest “just like steve mcgarrett” on Hawaii Five-O.  We were all floored and began scrambling trying to find a child’s bulletproof vest.  luckily i found some kid costumes online and sent my sister the links. i guess she santa didn’t want to chance it and bought 2 different ones.

Let me introduce you to chase’s Hawaii Five-O: {casted by chase, as well}

Starring: chase as steve mcgarrett

chase as steve mcgarrett

yours truly as Kono Kalakaua

erica as kono kalakaua

Nolan as Chin Ho Kelly

chin ho kelly

we had asked if he wanted nolan to be Dan-O or Chin Ho.  After a quick debate, he decided that nolan would be playing the role of Chin Ho.  This kid cracks me up.

Guest Appearance by Papa as “the bad guy”

bad guy #1

after a quick costume change, Nolan also played the role of “bad guy #2”

book 'em dan-o! ...but...there was no dan-o. ha!

it was a pretty hilarious morning.
i think he liked his gifts from santa…what do you think?

mele kalikimaka!


  1. Hilarious! Book ’em Danno! Great pics. Sorry again to have missed you this week!

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