2011: resolution recap

it’s that time again…time to check on my 11 in 2011!
let’s see how i did:

1.  finish couch to 5K program….FAIL  i think i got halfway…then i tried to start all over again, and that never happened either. i think running is just not my thing. BUT i did start personal training, which is a HUGE step for me, so i think it’s a good push/pull for my overall physical well-being.

my first day...

2.  participate in a 5K….COMPLETED :)  participated in a 5k earlier this year. yes, i walked 98% of it, it was still a great experience, and i’ll try to work to maybe a better time:)

my first 5k

3. clean out the 2nd bathroom so it’s usable…COMPLETED :)  this was accomplished just in time for cece’s stay with us for our wedding! i did as much as i could short of any type of renovation work…hopefully this year we can get a sink in there!

a useable shower!

4. attend yoga regularly…COMPLETED :)  kris (my yoga buddy) and i have been pretty consistent with our sunday yoga classes! i’m proud of us this year. i can’t even remember when we didn’t go because of laziness!

5. complete 3 things from my bucketlist…COMPLETED :)  i traveled to san diego, lanai, and went horseback riding…all things on my bucketlist!

san diego:

cece in sd


layin' out in lanai


we rode horses!

6. use my time wisely…work in progress   early in the year i got rid of farmville from my life–a HUGE time suck! but i recently started playing Bakery Story on my iphone. that game is super addicting!  i’ve also tried to spend my time doing housework instead of watching tv…this is definitely a work in progress.

7.  enjoy the ride…COMPLETED  the wedding has come and gone, and i pretty much enjoyed myself. i did have a few little meltdowns, but overall, i think it could’ve been a lot worse.  i highly recommend getting a wedding planner. i LOVE mine (kelly sugano @ a perfect day hawaii). i didn’t worry about anything the day of the wedding, and i got to just enjoy everything. the way it should be.

our wedding planner: kelly sugano

8. be cleaner/neater/more organized…work in progress  this is a slow work in progress. i am obsessed with organization blogs and videos…but that takes time and money! so i’ve been whittling away at things, trying to get everything under control.

9.  try new things…FAIL? i’m a creature of habit. i like going to places i like and eating what i know i like. i need to still work on venturing out of my comfort zone.

10. get more sleep…FAIL  this probably has to be the biggest FAIL of the list.  between going to bed late, and ollie’s early morning barking, and getting up to pee…i’ve been getting much less sleep. it’s SO difficult to get to bed by 10pm to get an adequate amount of shut-eye.

11. educate myself…COMPLETED! …sort of.  i didn’t watch nearly as much documentaries as i wanted, but i watched a few which will play a part in my resolutions/goals for 2012.


A total of 6 completed, 2 works in progress, and 3 failures….not bad i guess!


  1. Love your resolution recap posts! You did really well! 6 completed and 2 works in progress is definitely not bad at all. 😀

    Which organization blogs/videos do you recommend? I could use these myself…lol. 😉

  2. P.S Happy New Year!! 😀

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