happy new year!

happy new year!!!

new years day 2012

how was everyone’s New Years Eve and Day?  Mine was very much a homebody type of weekend. i started the day with my last workout of 2011, which went really well, considering i had  an i-want-to-pass-out-like-the-first-day experience at my previous workout session. Then i went home to clean, clean, clean!!! we have a sparkling clean apartment to start the new year:)  {or maybe it was because nolan’s parents came over for dinner}

Nolan’s parents came over for a NYE dinner which included:

  • ribs
  • rice
  • chinese chicken salad
  • potato macaroni salad
  • macadamia nut cake
  • mochi ice cream

YUM!  we have one more meat-filled dinner and then nolan and i will be attempting a forks (mostly) over knives lifestyle.  {key word: attempting.}  you can read more about it in my 12 for 2012 goals i just posted!

the rest of the evening nolan and i just watched tv…we finished watching forks over knives, and also watched  fat, sick, & nearly dead.  very motivating shows to get your healthy eating on (escpecially after over indulgeing these past few weeks!)

New years day….

i took down all the christmas decorations…the place looks so sparce and sad now.😦

i miss the christmas decorations

i think i need to find some cheerful decor. we also did a quick run to city mill and bed bath and beyond for some organizational stuff and to look for a juicer (totally influenced by FS&ND, but they didn’t have the one we wanted, so we just came away with random things like dish gloves, a step stool, and an apple slicer…super exciting, i know.)

and then….i took a much needed nap.  i’ve been feeling pretty run down lately, but there’s just so many things that need to be done!   i rarely take naps because, unlike nolan–who takes a nap everyday, i feel like they make me feeling groggy and worse than i felt  before i took the nap.  go figure. but today’s nap really helped, and i was ready to bounce back and get ready for dinner at Ichiriki with my family!

e + n

hahaha, look at ryan’s face!

my sister, chase, & my mommy

chase is in a weird-smile phase right now…not sure when it started…

ryan & my dad

check out this steam action:


pretty cool, no?


ok, enough about us! on to the food!


now remember i said we had 1 more meat-filled dinner? here it is:

nolan's mushroom plate

and mine, a little heavier on the meat:

my paitan plate

let’s start cookin’

toss it in the pot!


swimming in broth

and of course dessert…my mom checking out my dad’s ice cream:

"what did you get?"

strawberry shave ice!

and that’s it folks! wishing you all a great 2012!!!  it’s going to be an exciting year!


  1. Fabulous pics! Happy New Year!

  2. happy new year! I feel like Christmas to New Year all we’ve done is eat super unhealthy food and I havent worked out in months! Im feeling pretty squishy all over.
    Your BIL is giving Nolan stink eye! hahah

    • i know! hahahaha. stink eye!

      i was cleaning out more stuff i still have at my parents house, and i found a picture of us wearing plaid/checkered pants….maybe i should post it. lol.

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