playing catch up

i’m so behind! let’s backtrack a little…

this weekend was supposed to be shopping-filled…instead, it was germ-filled. nolan got sick, and we basically sat at home most of the weekend and ate a lot of broth-y meals like soups and saimin. come sunday morning, i thought we needed some greens…
a green monster for me (best one i’ve ever made! pineapple chobani, almond milk, 1 frozen banana, & 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder):

yummy green monster!

green tea noodle soup for the sickie:


(i love ordering saimin to-go and asking for the broth to be packaged separately, then i save some and we can make our own the next day!)

by sunday afternoon, nolan, sick as he was, got a little stir-crazy, and said we could go to simply organized (hawaii’s version of the container store)…where i went a little nuts:


a lot of storage and traveling stuff! (lots of traveling this year! i’m so excited!)

also, ollie was a great nurse the whole weekend, never leaving his sick daddy’s side. it was really cute:

nurse ollie reporting for duty!


in the picture where ollie sat by nolan’s feet while he ate dinner was especially cute because normally, ollie would be running all over the place trying to beg for some of your dinner or just running all over the house. it’s rare at that time of day for him to be so calm and sit by your feet the way he did that night. he was definitely taking care of his dad!


and if you guys haven’t heard of this web-series (10 minute[ish] episodes) on youtube that just started, it’s called “dating rules from my future self”  — from the producers of gossip girl.  it’s so cute, i love it. it stars shiri appleby (i’ve always loved her!) and her character is so cute and i love her style—glasses and all. why this is not on TV is beyond me.


  1. Aw, Ollie is such a good boy! ❤ Sorry to hear he's sick. Hope he gets better *and* that you don't catch it from him. I tend to go a little crazy when I'm checking out organization stuff too…hee hee. You're so lucky that you will be traveling a lot this year! 😀 Thanks for the web-series tip!

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