this is why i shop online…

i’m a sucker. plain and simple. i have the hardest time telling salespeople “no”, especially when it’s at the cosmetics counter. i like the hassel free, pressure free shopping of the online world. no sales person to make you feel like you have to buy something. (this is why i avoid cosmetic counters and shoe departments)  but sometimes you just have to see/smell/feel something in person….or you just don’t want to pay ridiculous shipping costs when you have the store so close to you. this was the case yesterday when i went to LUSH.

i had seen a lot of raves on youtube about the lemony flutter cuticle butter, and if you’ve seen my unmanicured hands lately (oh, of course you have!) you know i’m in need of a lot of moisture. i just wanted to try that one thing. but of course i’m walking around like a little lost girl in the store (totally passing the display of LFCB that was at the very front) and this guy comes up to me, asks me how my day was, yadda yadda. i thought, “oh no. i better cut him off right now” so i asked specifically for this one item. to which he shows me. then he pulls me over to have a product demo w/the salt scrub and lotion as well. which of course all feel very nice and now i feel obligated to buy them.  (but they did feel nice, so that’s my justification)…and then he takes me on a tour of the whole store, explaining everything to me. and loaded me up w/samples too…kudos to your persuasive selling technique on this sucker of a customer. i just may be a lush convert…but we’ll see how it goes.

lush haul

speaking of samples…you know who gives hefty samples? origins.
i had a gift card sitting in my wallet for about 2 years now, and i saw (again on youtube) raves about their vitazing. so…i figured i’d try that too…gift cards mean it’s practically free right?!?!

and while i was there i asked about eye cream, cause this old lady needs something for the fine lines that are forming.  but i said i only wanted a sample b/c the past oh, 4 eye creams have either burned or caused bumps and so i wanted to make sure it didn’t do either before committing to a purchase. so she picked out 2 for me to try and while explaining what each did, she just kept piling the product in to these little tubs. seriously, i probably am good for a few months on the sample alone.


in other weekend news:

saturday i went to EC fitness and met with my mom’s feng shui master…let’s just say it’s very important that we finish renovating the second bath. hopefully that will light a fire under our non-moving renovations tooshes. i also made a juice…

fruits & veggies

while i’m totally inspired by fat, sick & nearly dead….i don’t think that i will be juicing regularly. the juicer takes up too much counter space and buying all the organic fruits and veggies are getting pretty pricey! i mean, so much goes into making just one glass…it’s just a little excessive. thank god bed, bath & beyond was out of the juicer we wanted and borrowed my dad’s one to try out. i think if we feel the desire to juice, we can just drive on over to my parents.


  • clean house
  • clean makeup brushes
  • clean rings
  • laundry
  • browsed around bed bath, & beyond.
  • met friends (the mommy club, remember them?) at starbucks
  • visit grandma
  • give ollie a bath
  • tax stuff
  • shower and relax
and here’s a 1-week check in w/my sally hansen nail strips:

one week


it’s holding up pretty well! i’m very impressed!  and dare i say my dry skin around my nails are looking much better! (thank you lemony flutter!)

and that’s about it.

hope you all had a great weekend!  hopefully things start getting more interesting around here. all i seem to do are weekend recaps.



  1. Ooh!! Love the nails. I’m going to have to order them online. Sephora doesn’t have a lot of designs.
    I wanna try the lemon cuticle too. I got nasty cuticles. Haha.
    Looks like you had a very productive weekend!

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