surprise, surprise

not only did i get surprised at work with 5ft roses, but i was also surprised with a real valentine’s day dinner date! i don’t think i’ve ever been out to a nice dinner on v-day, so i was excited.

the location: roy’s waikiki.
i love roy’s waikiki. i think the wait staff is outstanding (personable, polite, professional, yet relaxed…you don’t feel like you’re in a stuffy, hoity-toity atmosphere) and i love the food.  i was even more excited because a meal at roy’s always means chocolate souffle! (the pineapple souffle is really good too!)

prixe fixe: there was a prixe fixe menu for the evening that did not include my chocolate souffle. i was crushed. BUT luckily our waiter is a friend of mine (that knows how i loooove the chocolate souffle) who laughed when the first thing out of my mouth was “ian! is there no souffle tonight?!?!?!” he said we could order it, it just wasn’t on the menu. so order it we did!!!! it was the main reason we went there! {come to find out nolan made the reservations after our 2 consecutive dissapointing trips to le bistro (my former favorite restaurant) that left me craving some real good dessert–i.e. chocolate souffle}

AND we got the dessert that was included in the dinner as well (very good as well)! 2 desserts…i’m not complainin’

everything was deeeeelicious.:)
now it’s back to the everyday…


  1. SO sweet!! I always get the chocolate souffle at Roy’s too…hee hee. I mean, you just have to. Everything looks so delicious and I’m glad you got your souffle on! 😀 Love your hair and top!

  2. Wow, everything looks absolutely wonderful! Lucky you for the very nice dinner date!

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