confessions of a worry-wart

hello. my name is Erica, and i’m a super paranoid, anxious, worry-wart. [hi erica]

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last year when we were under a threat of a potential tsunami….while everyone on the island flooded the stores and gas stations in a hoarding induced panic, i looked around the apartment to see what “emergency supplies” we had.

absolutely nothing.
bandaids, maybe.

luckily we are not located in an inundation zone…although, we are located only about a mile outside of it….so….that’s not very reassuring.   we’re also pretty high up (hopefully) so i wasn’t TOO worried, but it got me thinking…if there were ever a real need for emergency supplies….nolan, ollie, and i would be strapped. i told myself i’d like to have some basics…like bottled water and some flashlights, at the very least.

and lookie here, it’s almost that time of year again! {how do i know? because it’s almost tsunami-kari’s birthday!} add in the fact that i sliced my thumb the other week cutting carrots and discovered—as blood gushed out of my thumb– that we didn’t even have bandaids anymore.  when i had to rely on “twilight/new moon” designed band aids someone had given me a few years ago, i figured it was a good time to start preparing.

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i looked at lists like this one for us, and this one for ollie.  pets needs emergency things too!

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 i think i’m just going to stock up on the basics. (ie. no flare guns, bleach, rain gear, tarps, etc).  i made a list, and started preparing.  who knew you needed so many things?!?!


{contents (so far)}: copies of important documents, paper towel (?), flashlight, clothespins (i just threw those in because we seem to have no use for them), first aid kit, anti-bacterial, feminine products, pen and paper, can opener, important ollie-documents, extra leash, harness, and collar, pee pads, wipes, extra bowls, poop bags….

i also have a list in bright red that i keep at the top of the box that lists all the things that should be in the box that i don’t necessarily want to pack {bottled water, canned food, ollie food/treats, medications, etc}—because you know, if it is a time when you actually need the box…you’ll probably be pretty frazzled. (at least i would be)

i know i may seem super paranoid and crazy, {*paranoia paranoia  mother nature’s  comin’ to get me…*} but you can never be too prepared…you never want to find out during a disaster just how UNprepared you are. right?

better safe than sorry.


  1. Better than safe than sorry is right! We do have an emergency bag ready but after reading your post, I noticed that we don’t have stuff for Boba our dog. D’oh! I swear we’re not bad parents. Thanks for the reminder!!!

    P.S Love the Sephora goodies in your last post. Would love to hear your thoughts on the LM palette as I’ve been curious about her makeup. 😀

  2. I prefer sheer makeup too. Thanks!

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