currently loving

1. stripes {obsessed!}

source: pinterest

seriously, almost everything i’ve bought lately has been striped. i love it. i’m obsessed. {also loving chevron print & polka dots, but not to the same extent as my love for stripes…}

2.  honey

source: pinterest

i started reading up about honey and it’s great benefits…it was a huge help while i was sick. i also read up about manuka honey….which i really, really, REALLY want to try….if only it wasn’t freaking $60 per teeny tiny bottle! grr.

3. toy alaskan klee kai

source: pinterest

ollie pollie is the only one for me…but if i could get another dog, i’d want a klee kai. and i’d name her nymeria….because she’s my favorite dire wolf ;p


  1. The dog is too cute! I never knew what they were called. I’ve been obsessed with stripes too…haha! Polka dots come in a close second for me. And I’m curious. What is so amazeballs about manuka honey?

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