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nolan and i will be going on our honeymoon to europe soon!  i haven’t really thought about it much because it always seemed so far away.  but now that it’s only a few weeks away i’ve immersed myself in the planning/prepping craziness….
{first things first: the flights}  i knew the flights would be long, but i wasn’t expecting them to be THAT long. the flight from NY to europe was the biggest shocker for me. i thought it would be about 5-8 hours…but it’s 10+hours!   it will be the longest flight i’ve ever been on.  (and let me just say, i barely could handle flying to florida!)  when i really looked at it, it comes out to about 20 hours of flying, and over 24+ hours of travel when you factor in layovers. :/ 

i think i’m going to need a sleeping pill.  or an anti-anxiety pill.  while i love traveling, the actual getting-there part i hate. 

i am an anxious traveler…
i am also a nervous and restless flyer…
i am also slightly claustrophobic…

i could use some suggestions on how to not go crazy on long flights…

here’s what i have so far:

  • kindle (i have 4.5 game of thrones books left to read, so that should be good)
  • ipad (movies)
  • sleep…hopefully.

    source: pinterest

…….that’s about it. :/

also, any suggestions on staying comfortable on a 10+ hour flight? i always read that you should walk around and stretch your legs, and drink a lot of water…but i HATE getting out of my seat, i try to avoid it at all costs, so usually i try not to eat or drink much of anything to avoid having to use the bathroom. lol.  completely not the right thing to do…and probably not very feasible on a 24+hour travel day. 

i’m also debating travel pillows and blankets…

too bad i can’t afford this super luxurious looking lanvin set….it probably costs more than my air fare!


  1. So exciting!! You have a great list so far. 😀 I can never sleep much on flights but have found noise cancelling headphones (or earplugs), a sleep mask, travel neck pillow and warm fuzzy socks to be helpful. My bag is always too full to include a blanket but if you can, bringing your own isn’t a bad idea. And this did not work for me but does for a friend and might for you: ask for a glass of red wine after take off to doze off.

  2. Im with you I usually try not to eat or drink when flying cause I hate using the bathroom on planes. BUT for flights that long its unavoidable.
    Drink water. Dress comfortably (leggings? tunic?). I find that I fluctuate from cold to hot so I like to wear a cardigan thats easy to remove. I dont like that travel neck pillows very much, and prefer a regular small sized pillow. Moisturizer and chapstick is good as your skin dries out a lot on those long flights.
    I notice that as much as I like the idea of drinking on/or before a flight, it makes me feel all weird on the plane so I usually don’t drink. But I think its up to you.

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