nolan and i will be heading out on our honeymoon in a few days!  i swear, planning and preparing for this trip/honeymoon has been pretty stressfull…i don’t know how people plan a honeymoon AND a wedding at the same time and go on to get married then leave the next day.   that is just way too much to plan/remember/pack for! speaking of….

currently packing…


so far i’ve filled up 1/2 of my suitcase…i’m IN LOVE with my eagle creek pack-it cubes. i would be so jealous of how nolan could always pack things up and they all are so orderly and neat because everything was basically the same size and shape, while mine were all over the place and there was no way in hell my stacks of clothes would create a neat uniformed pile. and when i would open up my suitcase upon destination, it was a big ol’ mess. enter pack it cubes…my new best friend. i highly recommend them!  i’m also taking my lo & sons OG bag for its maiden voyage. i saw it on the 9to5chic blog and had to have it.

my one problem is that i need lots of carry-ons…but on our tour they only allow a teeny tiny carry-on the size of a small backpack…so i’m going to have to pack my carry-ons into my suitcase while we are there…i hope that works out!

currently anxious…
i am a terrible flyer. i worry about every thing. i probably won’t get excited until we land in Europe.   i think i may need a xanax.

separation anxiety…
this will be the longest ollie will be without both of us.  the last time we both went away he was mad and ignored us for a week when we got home. oh who am i kidding. i think i’ll have more separation anxiety than he will.

"i packed my backpack! take me with you mommy!"

currently freaking out a little…
{warning! i’m about to get unnecessarily over-dramatic up in here} i am going to have to disconnect…from the web. aaaaaaah! hahaha. nolan purchased a data plan for his phone that we can use sparingly. i think it is about 275 mb…is that enough for email/twitter/facebook/blogging???? i know it’s our honeymoon and i should disconnect regardless, but seriously {if you haven’t noticed} i’m addicted.  totally sad, i know. i need to just unplug for 2 weeks. i can do it.

just a few more days….


  1. So exciting!! You’ll do well at the airport. As long as you have each other:)
    Poor Ollie..he’ll be so sad. But have a wonderful time!!

  2. Fun!
    We are usually iphone (3g/4g connection) free during trips, and just turn it on airplane mode to avoid CRAZY bills (which Jason still managed to rack up during his time in Singapore). When we find places with free wi-fi we are ALL OVER IT.:) You dont have to be totally web free… just web less.:)
    Have fun!

  3. I died looking at that backpack on Ollie. 😄 Hmm…I have no idea how much 275 mb is but I say disconnect and HAVE FUN! 😉 Oh and I think I may need some of those pack-it cubes…hehe. Thanks for the tip!

    (Aw, thanks😀 )

  4. i can’t imagine nolan being able to unplug for 2 weeks as well. i swear he’s always checking his phone. i missed dotchi so much when we went to chicago last year that i would keep looking at pics of him on our ipad! hahaha

    • i think he’d die if it was football season, but ya…he’s glued to texting on his phone, i’m glued to twitter and fb. lol. i’m gonna have the worst case of separation anxiety with ollie. lol.


  1. […] about this in my previous post. you can read about it here.  basically, it’s made packing a breeze. especially for girls who have clothes in various […]

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