{the honeymoon}: ROMA pt.2

{day two continued}

i’m telling you this was our longest walking day of the entire trip! after the vatican/st. peter’s basilica/st. peter’s square/sistine chapel, we boarded the bus and went off to the colosseum!

this was one of nolan’s favorite highlights of the trip (typical boy, no?)

once again there were huge lines to get in, and we walked right on in…the colosseum is ginormous and breathtaking.  i wish we had more time to wander and explore, but once again, it was go-go-go.  i thought it was pretty funny when an announcement came over the speaker warning everyone that pickpockets were in the area.  i guess it’s good to know that people are aware and warn us poor unsuspecting tourists…



once our group left the colosseum, we walked over to the roman forum (seriously, our local tour guide meant business…there was no stopping for a gelato or panini or anything!  i totally could’ve used a little pick-me-up at this point.)





once our tour of the forum was finished, we hopped back on the bus and headed back to the hotel. the rest of the day was free to explore on our own.  our first order of business was to find some food!!! {another downside of this tour was that all our hotels were a little off and away from the main areas…so that meant you actually had to hunt for things to do/see/eat.  we saw a lot of tents set up around the corner from our hotel so we thought we’d check it out.  unfortunately, it was more like a flea market—used books, used clothes, etc. very disappointing. we decided to keep walking past all the tents and we stumbled upon this great little pizzeria!

we got 3 types of pizza: ham & zucchini flowerets, ham & mozzarella (not pictured), and nutella (yes, nutella pizza! and it was goooood!)

i love the pizza in italy! it is so light compared to the typical pizza hut versions in the us. you can eat a lot, feel full but not stuffed.  it’s actually quite light and refreshing!  i’d like to try to recreate these…especially the nutella pizza! {nutella was everywhere!}

after fueling up on pizza, we were ready to tackle a little independent sight-seeing with another couple from our group!  stay tuned for more fabulous roman sites!


  1. I have yet to see the Colosseum! So jealous!
    mmm pizza.

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