{the honeymoon}: Assisi to Venice

{day three: rome-assisi-venice}

day three was a travel day. i hate travel days, as they mean many long hours on a bus, and meals at roadside rest stops.  i don’t know what it is about that bus, but it’s like when you put babies in cars and they immediately pass out…that was me and nolan on the bus.

the upside of travel days, are the mini site-seeing stops they add to break up the long hours of driving…to places a little less populated.  usually, these stops were my favorites like this one on the roadtrip to venice.

{assisi—the basilica of st. francis}

i LOVED this place. i don’t know what it was about it, it wasn’t as lavish and grand as everything we saw in vatican city, but to me, i felt more in awe.  unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures of the interior (which was the amazing part)…but wikipedia has some pictures…you can look at.





and here’s a thing about tours:  you don’t want to be the last on the bus, and you definitely don’t want to be the late ones. so while we were walking around, eating a snack i wanted to stop to use a (pay) restroom.  nolan said i had “plenty of time.”  who knew that the pay restrooms were down a lot of stairs and down some long hallway. by the time i figured it out and came back out nolan is standing there saying “hurry up! we gotta go!” (i didn’t think i was gone that long!) and the thing about the basilica, was that it was at the top of a huge hill….so down that hill we sprinted….all so we wouldn’t be “the late ones”  luckily we weren’t.  but that run was a workout (even though it was downhill)

(not the last ones) on the bus…but winded from the run

when we finally arrived in venice, it was cold and rainy😦
we had just enough time to check in to our teeny tiny hotel room (seriously, i think people have closets bigger than this room!), and get ready for dinner:

teeny tiny room

for dinner we had prosciutto & melon, risotto & some other kind of pasta (loved the risotto), a chicken dish, and a yummy tiramisu…

after dinner we were given time to walk around st. mark’s square…unfortunately the weather was terrible, so we called it an early night.

end of day three!


  1. ohhh..that risotto looks delish. what happens if you’re the “late ones”? did you guys sit in the same place on the bus every time?

    • it was sooo good! i loved it. that’s all i wanted to eat! lol. nothing happens you’re the late ones, but you stand out when everyone is sitting on the bus waiting to go and they all know they’re waiting for you…lol. they’re supposed to have seat rotations but there were only 15 of us on a coach that seats 45 so we all spread out and moved around sometimes but they weren’t very strict about it w/us.

  2. mmmmm that looks so good. Now Im hungry! Good thing we’re planning on a pasta lunch today! Though I doubt it’ll be as good.

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