{birthday trip}: sunday funday

Sunday morning we headed over to Mother’s Market for some healthy breakfast:

breakfast burrito with “soy-rizo” (soy chorizo?)

same order 3x’s

anna came too!  {hi anna! thanks for coming, it was so good to see you!!!}

after breakfast we did a little shopping (south coast plaza, the lab, ikea, trader joes)

the lab

and we checked in to the westin for our last night, since cece and in hee went to LA to celebrate mother’s day with family.  Nolan and i went off to dinner at Charlie Palmer:

i think this was a soup

yeah…seriously wasn’t quite sure what that was…the waiter told me, but even the description of it flew right over my head.:/

clam chowder


truffled sweet corn risotto

we were just discussing with cece & in hee the night before how nolan eats to live, not lives to eat. so to him, food is food. it’s sustenance. whereas, i enjoy food and i love to eat for the pleasure of it. for nolan, he would be just as happy with scrambled eggs & toast as he would a porterhouse steak. it makes no difference to him. (blasphemy!) he even said that there’s rarely anything that wows him, he doesn’t really have a favorite food. he said most things are just “eh” for him, or sometimes “hey that’s not bad” but rarely is there something that knocks his socks off.

well, this risotto got a thumbs up and a “this is AMAZING!” from nolan.

it got a thumbs up from nolan


winner winner chicken dinner


me & my dinner


truffled mac & cheese


hello deliciousness! i am convinced truffled anything is good!!!  seriously, so yummy!  and the grand finale:

marshmallow chocolate souffle


this was good, i loved the marshmallow…but i still have to say that Roy’s chocolate souffle is still hands down my favorite!!!  all in all, the food was delicious, the service was excellent, and we had a real nice time.:)  i’m glad we went!!!

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