{birthday trip}: goodbye california

on our last 1/2 day in irvine, nolan & i did more shopping and then met cece for lunch at boudin (hello yummy-ness!).

turkey + avocado sandwich


clam chowder in a bread bowl & 1/2 turkey + havarti sandwich


turkey + cranberry sandwich

(of course nolan didn’t want to take a picture with his sandwich )

thank you cece!

thank you cece for being a great host and for everything!!! and for my amazing pressie!!!! i wear it everyday:)

then we were off to drive back to LAX for our flight home.
our flight home was a little scary as there was a “medical emergency” on our flight that happened half-way into the flight.  i have no idea what happened, but luckily there was a doctor and nurse on board, and one of the flight attendants used to be an EMT…emergency crews boarded our plane as soon as we landed. i hope the guy is ok. that’s the scary thing about flying over the ocean… there is nowhere to make an emergency landing.

but not to end this post on such a sad note, here’s my attempt at a travel vlog…as you will clearly see, i’m not comfortable talking to the camera (especially in public!) so maybe this will be my first and last travel vlog attempt! {and yes, i do realize i’m talking strange…nolan is calling it my “funny voice”} i almost didn’t post it up because i feel very insecure about it, but nolan said i should just post it. so here goes nothing:

please be kind.

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