planner…too big!


to borrow a phrase from my nephew (when he was younger—“aunty eri too big!” <– as in aunty eri too big to play with his toys or fit on his toddler bikes, etc):

erin condren life planner…TOO BIG! 

while i lusted away at this life planner that i saw on other blogs, i finally bit the bullet and bought one for 2012.  i loved all the pages, the pretty design, the colors, the space for to-do lists and notes…everything. i love it all….except for the damn size. this sucker is HUGE and HEAVY.  now that i think about it, most of those blogs were house-wifey blogs, so they probably left their planners at home or in their office. i on the other hand need my planner to come with me everywhere in my bag.

now i remember reading that people were able to “throw it in their purse”…i wonder what type of mary poppins magic purse did they have?!?!  this bad boy weighs my bag down like a ton of bricks. so much so that i’ve stopped lugging it around. i leave it at home, and therefore, rarely look at or use it.  i have started relying on my ical on my iphone, which i hate just as much. i’m forgetting birthdays left and right, and i’m just an over all mess without a functioning planner. i like to write things down, i like to color code and highlight. so…next year, i’m going back to something smaller, thinner, and lighter:

i think i’ll start looking into something more practical & functional for 2013…aside from the above dayrunner, do any of you have any planner suggestions?!?!?!


  1. hahah oh my gosh. I have one like that, that I had to have. It was huge. I never use it. If I could attach a photo I would. I used it for two months. I wondered the same thing how does any one take this around. It was super cute, lets just say I will not be ordering next year.:)

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