dropped the ball…

wasn’t i just patting myself on the back for blogging everyday in May, and then i go and miss june 1st.  i guess i needed a break….


yup…nolan texted me this picture he took of me PASSED OUT after work.  some days, you just need a nap.  {and i am NOT a nap taker, i prefer to load up on coffee}  when i woke up we headed out to the mall to run some errands….got some new workout shoes, in a fun color:) and some lululemon socks! <–it’s ridiculous how excited i am that i now own some lululemon socks!

after shopping, nolan promised we could go to my favorite place in the world, Yotteko-ya! but when we got there they were closed early (sold out). BOO! i was so dissapointed…next we tried Sweet Home Cafe and saw the massive line for a table and left, leaving us Jimbo’s:

oyaku-don + mini udon combo

don’t worry, i didn’t eat it all!  i’m actually not the biggest fan of udon, so nolan ate most of my food.  and if you’re wondering why i ordered udon if i don’t like it…i do it sometimes hoping that i’ll start to like it. it never works. i should give up on udon.

tempura + udon

it was ok.  i know my entire family is probably yelling “blasphemy!!!!” right now because they love this place, but when you’re craving yotteko-ya, this does not satisfy. oh well. better for my “diet” that i didn’t inhale all that food….

and speaking of “diet” (and by “diet”, i mean TRYING to eat healthy and snack less)  june 1 starts my food journal-ing (again)…i got a cute little notebook from paris and everything:

this is my hungry face

i thought this notebook was pretty fitting…angry panda girl = hungry erica face.

and another random subject change:

i joined instagram. {username: heekamura} yes, i know totally late to jump on the bandwagon, but  i think i actually joined once before for like 2 days…and unloaded it from my phone…i still don’t see what the hype is. maybe i’m looking at it all wrong…can someone explain to me why this is so fantabulous + different from just posting pics direct to twitter/facebook?  oh well…i’ll try it out. maybe i’m missing something….


  1. Try it out and let us know! :) I’m not on it yet. And everyone deserves a blogging break! (This of course coming from someone who just took one…lol. :P) Your notebook is awesome!

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